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Anti Fate

Updated on February 15, 2016

Damn... what is this thing I am trying to express. I can't express it through poetry(metaphors)
I can't express through perfect English, through song, nor though experience. I guess this thing..
it must redundant. A failure at best....

this ideal, its fucking lame.

But I guess so am I.
So am I.....
because I try.
I try not to hurt others,
I try to be nice,
I try to be supportive and kind.
But with all this try, I have become truly very shy.

I learned the world is ugly..
I learned that if I don't act a certain way
I become a shadow,
a fray.

Just a slow decay.
Perhaps I should change...
and I will,
But never at my core.
I'll just learn to adapt as I have before.

Washed up ashore
perhaps I don't belong in this odd timing.
I'd just hate to assimilate...
to loose what makes me great.

But I guess that is what we decided to call "fate".


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