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Ant-man VS Wolverine

Updated on September 5, 2012

Amidst the fame of Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk, and other members of the Avengers, their smallest yet considerably strong member seems to be left out. I am referring to no other than Ant-man. He assisted the Avengers in many ways particularly in confining notorious criminals. He used his ability to miniaturize anything into the size of an ant and created a small yet heavily guarded and seemingly impenetrable prison cell specially designed for criminals with dangerous powers. He also plays well during battle as his suit provides him with added physical strength while his helmet gives him the ability to communicate with ants. Ant-man can miniaturize an enemy and let his pet ants do the rest. Wolverine on the other hand does not share the experience of Ant-man since he is one of the most infamous members of X-men. Logan, wolverine’s true name, was used as a lab rat in a government project but he managed to escape and eventually joined X-men. The experiment covered every bone in his body with one of the strongest metal in the world which greatly improved his mutant powers. He defies the laws of aging and could instantly heal from any kind of wound. Logan carries the name of Wolverine for a reason. He can bring out sharp claws by sheer will and shred through anything in his path. Wolverine is a war veteran and successfully survived countless battles against absurdly strong enemies so his battle experience made him one of the strongest members of X-men.


Real Name: Scott Edward Harris Lang

Place of Birth: Coral Gables, Florida

Gender: Male

Height: 6’

Weight: 190 lbs

Powers: reduce himself to the size of an ant and can do the same effect to anything or anyone he touches, control ants with his helmet

Brief History: Scott Lang as ant-man basically happened by chance. He was simply an electronics expert who can’t fully satisfy his family’s financial needs. Scott even turned to burglary and was thrown to jail after apprehended. Three years after, he was given pardon for good behavior but he faced another devastating problem afterwards as his daughter was diagnosed with a congenital disease. He was then left with no other choice but to steal from Dr. Henry Pym’s house, the original Ant-man. He managed to get the Ant-man costume and a few canisters of his known gas which gave him the power to shrink anything to an ant’s size. Without his knowledge, Dr. Henry Pym knew about the burglary and was simply observing him as to how he will use Ant-man’s power. The doctor was not disappointed as he found Scott Lang saving a famous doctor from the clutch of an enterprise owner. Scott Lang returned the costume yet Dr. Henry Pym insisted him to keep it. From that day on, Ant-man became the superhero everyone loves as he assists the Avengers in keeping the world safe.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Ant-man’s strength lies on how he utilizes Pym particles. This strategic style of battle is only applicable if it’s a one on one situation. If another enemy interferes while he is battling with someone, he will be in a great disadvantage. Ant-man does not have superhuman speed so capturing him won’t be a problem if you can simply go around with his Pym particles. Although his suite can improve his physical strength up to four times, such effect won’t matter so much if he’s up against brutally strong villains.

Ant-man’s main power is very handy especially in capturing enemy heroes and keeping them in a small yet highly effective cell. He can also sneak in and out enemy territories with ease. His ants, despite their size, can help greatly in battle as well. Ant-man is also a fine inventor and was able to invent a robot with far superior knowledge than any human. Although his invention turned on him later on, his expertise in creating all sorts of electronics is unquestionable.


Real Name: James Howlett a.k.a Logan

Place of Birth: Westchester County, New York

Gender: Male

Height: 5’3”

Weight: 300 lbs with Adamantium (136.1 without)

Powers: Wolverine has many animal like powers attributed to his mutant gene. His senses are extremely heightened, making him able to track by smell alone and detect nearby enemies. He also has bone claws that can pop out through the skin of his knuckles and are razor sharp weapons.

One of the things that allow Wolverine to do the things he does is his superhuman healing factor. Cuts, bullet wounds, broken bones and much more can be healed in a matter of minutes, if not seconds to heal him from most any injury. A side effect of this healing factor is that drugs have little effect on him (including alcohol) and that he has an unnaturally long lifespan.

When Wolverine joined the Weapon X program, an indestructible metal known as Adamantium was grafted to his skeletal structure, making his claws able to cut through just about anything and also making him even more resistant to damage.

Wolverine is also a master of many martial arts, including ninjitsu. When in times of great stress and anger, Wolverine can revert to a more animalistic stage and can go into a, “berserker rage,” not caring if he lives or dies, but unrelenting in his attacks. With these powers, Wolverine is one of the most dangerous mutants alive.

Brief History:

Wolverine, aka Logan, was born in the late 19th century with the name James Howlett. His parents were respectable and well to do. During a break in by the ex-groundskeeper Thomas Logan and his son Dog, James saw the groundskeeper kill his father in an attempt to get his ex-love back, James’ mother. In turn, James’ mutant gene activated and his bone claws came out. He attacked and killed Thomas Logan and wounded Dog. His mother killed herself shortly afterwards.

James ran away with his longtime friend Rose, and the murders were placed falsely upon James. They escaped to British Columbia and lived there for some time, James taking the name, “Logan” to hide his identity. Unfortunately, Dog tracked them down and attacked Logan hoping to kill him. Logan defeated Dog, but in the process, accidentally killed his love, Rose. Logan ran into the wilderness and lived with the wolves for some time.

During the next hundred years, Logan wandered the countryside. He met Captain America during WW2 fighting with the Canadian army. He is thought to have been a samurai and a covert operative. Then, much later, he joined Weapon X, a project that worked to create a superhuman being. During this time, Wolverine had his bones grafted with Adamantium and had memories implanted, making much of his history unknown whether it is true or not.

He was sent to stop The Incredible Hulk, who was rampaging in the Canadian wilderness. It was then that he was approached by Proffessor Charles Xavier, head of the School for Gifted Youngsters and leader of The X-Men. Professor X was recruiting for a new team and Wolverine agreed to go with the Professor.

Wolverine has since become a major part of the X-Men team and has been a leader on more than one occasion. One of the main reasons for his staying was that he fell in love for Jean Grey, even though she married fellow X-Man Cyclops. Despite all of this, Wolverine continues to serve the X-Men as a leader and teacher to the younger generation.


Strengths and Weaknesses:

Wolverine is stronger than the average human but not by too much, not enough to bend metal or punch through a wall but stronger then you or I. next is his enhanced senses, his hearing, smell and natural animal instincts are that of an animal. He can remember people and places by their different smells and can also use then to track people or prey. One of his most valuable powers is his healing factor. His body starts to heal any injury, if he is cut, burned, stabbed, the wound will start to heal automatically; it also fights against any virus, poison, smoking, alcohol or illness. His healing factor has also slowed his aging; he is believed to be about 90-100 years old. His final mutant ability is his claws. These claws and the rest of his bones are covered in an indestructible metal called Adimantium, which were bonded to him by a government agency against his will. His final strength is his fighting ability he has learned almost every fighting technique from swordplay to martial arts.

His greatest weakness is also his greatest fear, along with his animal senses he also gained animal instincts, which have come in hand often but he is prone to "berserker rage" when his personality disappears and lashes out at anyone. Moreover, because of the government experiments on him, many false memories were implanted so he doesn't know what his true past is and what is fake.

Ant-man was experimenting on a new weaponized gas that could affect a certain area and paralyze anyone in it. He was very careful not to spill commit any mistake since the solutions he used are very unstable and one wrong move could eventually lead to disaster. The rest of the Avengers Team headed out for an important mission so he was left alone. What Ant-man feared the most, happened! As he was searching for more containers, his pet can accidentally bumped on a glass full of unstable chemicals! Gaseous substances suddenly appeared contaminating the whole lab. Ant-man wasn’t able to reach his helmet to somehow protect himself against the gas’s effect.

In the X-men mansion, wolverine was doing his normal routine at the in-house gym when Professor X asked for his assistance. It was about the incident that happened in the Avenger’s base. Professor X and Ant-man share the same passion about science and electronics so the X-men’s founder was very worried about his friend’s welfare. Wolverine found the mission boring yet he still suited up, got to his big bike, and headed straight towards the Avenger’s base.

Wolverine was surprised to see smoke coming out from the Avenger’s base. It was evident that something went amok as almost everything in the base was lying on the ground torn into pieces. Wolverine knew that danger is near so he unleashed his blades and was extra careful as he passed through every alley towards the lab. He found nothing inside the base so he went out and was about to go back to base and relay everything he saw to professor X when he felt the ground unusually trembling. As he looked back, it was Ant-man furiously heading straight towards him. Wolverine barely managed to evade Ant-mans earth-shaking smash. The ground broke because of the impact leaving a huge crater. Wolverine knew Ant-man’s power yet he fell for his trick as monstrous ants surrounded him without warning. This was the action Wolverine has long waited. He jumped into every ant and killed them ferociously one after the other. Wolverine was unstoppable! By some reason, Ant-man seems to be out of control so Wolverine needs to defeat the Avenger without causing lethal wounds. This is of course a big challenge for someone like Wolverine who knows nothing but to go barrage and eliminate an enemy with pure rage. Professor X read through Wolverine’s mind and knew everything. He instructed wolverine to target Ant-man’s helmet to somehow impair his power to manipulate ants and render him vulnerable. Wolverine used his agility to evade the army of ants and was successful in tearing apart Ant-man’s helmet with his sharp claws. Ant-man’s size went back to normal making it easier for Wolverine to tackle him. The deranged Avenger was left unconscious after the battle. The rest of the Avengers returned and were shocked to know about the incident. In the end, they were happy that Wolverine came and helped their member deal with the negative effects of the newly invented weaponized gas.

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