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Apollo, Artemis and the very own greek myth

Updated on May 15, 2011

EagleMountain stood high next to a small workshop with a rusty sign that read Hepha Motors. Rain poured down, making everything lush and green in Decatur, Michigan. Usually car factories are not built right next to tall mountains, but this factory was Hephaestus’s factory. Inside, orange and red sparks flew everywhere making a bright display. Cyclopes were using heavy tools for carving different structures. The factory itself was running from the mountain’s energy. The rock walls made a cold but pleasant atmosphere. Under a large piece of thick black silk lay the most beautiful car man could imagine. The car was gleaming gold on the outside and sparkling silver in the inside. This car could seat as many people as you wanted. Weapons hung on the walls, clean and polished. Using a remote, Hephaestus opened up the golden wings. A simple remote was made for every single person. That remote controlled your food choices, from apple pie to filet mignon. You could have a T.V, internet, phone and a computer, just by clicking a single button. Rooms were filled with weapons that were polished and clean. Sleeping quarters were comfy and were decorated beautifully. Engraved in the hood of the car was the signature of Hephaestus, a simple but elegant black hammer. The twins, Apollo and Artemis were admiring the car so much that they both wanted to have it.

            “This car should be mine,” said Apollo

            “You don’t need it, I do,” said Artemis

            “Well, I need it to fly across the sky every morning, and visit my Oracles,” Apollo argued.

            “Do you know how tiring it is to walk barefoot across the US with a whole pack of nymphs and dogs whining behind you?” asked Artemis.

            “Actually, no I don’t, and I really don’t care,” Apollo answered, “Its mine, and I don’t care what you say.”

            “Fine, I’ll text Athena to get down here and decide, since she’s the wisest,” Artemis replied. Athena flew down gracefully and landed with a touch as light as a feather. As soon as she reached the ground, both Apollo and Artemis screamed at her, arguing about who should get the car.

            “Here is what I think, Apollo should…..” Athena stopped mid sentence and swiftly turned around. The thick black piece of silk that once covered the car lay on the rocky floor. No tracks lay on the ground, or clues for who had taken it.

            “Hermes probably took it,” Artemis groaned exhaustively. Hermes had a reputation of stealing other people’s belongings.

            “Again? First my pet cows and now my car?” Apollo asked annoyed

            “It’s not your car yet,” Artemis replied.

            “Just turn on the T.V, he’s probably already gotten a lot of attention,” Athena stated.

On the stone wall lay a huge flat screen T.V that had an infinite number of buttons on it. On the screen it showed Hermes (a little 3 year old) sitting in the front seat of the sleek new car controlling the steering wheel. He had already made headlines across America.

            “How are we going to find him?” asked Artemis.

            “Here, I built a GPS that tracks where the car is at all times,” Hephaestus said.

            “Are you kidding me? If only you had built it a thousand years earlier, my cows would have been SO much easier to find,” added Apollo.

            “It says here that the car is in New Hampshire,” Athena announced. The three gods set off, leaving Hephaestus to guard his workplace. They were flying in the air, as the rain poured down on them. The summer was starting, and the clouds were hovering over their heads. Cities zoomed by, giving them a glimpse of their lights. Planes were lingering under them, going turtle speed. Finally they reached the busy city of Concord, New Hampshire; the live free or die state. In Apollo’s mind, Hermes was dead. It was very easy to find Hermes, for his car was being followed by three helicopters, twenty news cars, and nine cameramen.

            “Why isn’t anyone stopping him?” asked Artemis curiously.

            “He put all the police officers to sleep with his music,” Athena answered.

            “Smart kid,” Apollo added, “I’ll talk to him,” Apollo flew down to the car, but at the same time froze all the mortals in their places. “Hermes, give me my car back,” Apollo demanded.

            “Oh, this is YOUR car? I didn’t know that,” Hermes answered innocently.

            “Yeah it is MY car, and don’t sweet talk me, toddler,” Apollo replied.

            “I am NOT a toddler,” screamed Hermes.

            “Fine, you’re not a toddler, but give me my car back,” Apollo insisted.

            “Ok, I’ll give you your car back, but how bout’ we make a deal?” Hermes asked with a sly smile on his baby face.

            “What kind of deal, Hermes?” Apollo asked curiously.

            “I’ll give you the newest iPod touch, that by the way I invented, for the car,” Hermes stated.

            “Ooooh, it’s shiny,” Apollo said mesmerized by its beautiful shape, “I might trade, if you give me those new sneakers you’re wearing,”

“I knew you wanted the iPod touch, it’s 64 gigabytes, has cameras and can hold up to 14,000 songs,” Hermes added, “But you are not getting my new sneakers, Nike gave them to me as a present, and she customized them,”

            “That’s a lot of songs,” Apollo said, but immediately snapped out of Hermes’ curse, “NO way am I giving you my car for that stupid iPod touch and those shoes, I’m not letting you get away with it like the cows and the lyre.”

            “You’re no fun, take the car and don’t speak to me again” Hermes said disappointed.

Apollo flew back up to Athena and Artemis, with a smile on his face, feeling accomplished for not accepting Hermes’s bribery.

            “Ok, so who gets the car?” asked Apollo, waiting impatiently to get the answer.

            “Here is what I think, each day you will both get the car, but divide up the times, in the winter Artemis will get the car for longer periods of the time, and in the summer, Apollo will get the car more,” Athena decided. “Because of this, the days will be longer in the summer and shorter in the winter.”

            “Ok, that works, but that means that right now, its mine,” Apollo exclaimed.

            “Yep, but remember, 8 o’clock, its mine,” Artemis reminded.

            “See ya sis,” Apollo yelled. As the car flew into the sky the rain stopped and the sun came out. Every color flew out of the tail pipe creating a beautiful rainbow.

Comment....if you like my myth or not


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    • Johnathan L Groom profile image

      Johnathan L Groom 6 years ago from Bristol, CT

      modernized! lovely work, really!

    • cherrycrime26 profile image

      January Moon 6 years ago from NY, Now Living in Atlanta Ga

      Nicccce, great story, I love greek Mythology