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Apostrophe to an Impostor

Updated on September 19, 2017

Ambitious and crafty

Like the biblical Absalom

You plot against your Source

Blurring the mind

With your pontification of vanity

Usurping roles

Like a quisling

They call you S C I E N C E

But are wrong

For your name is traitor

Trying to give reasons

For phenomena that have none

I challenge you, therefore

You knowledge of mundanity

Erudition of forlon verbiage

Teacher once taught

Who adduces profane reasons for procreation

Which is the Source's sole prerogative

Responsible for the puzzle of conception

The final birth of the incarnate complexity

He is humbly called N A T U R E.

© 2017 DemolaAdelowo aka rhapsomatrics


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