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Updated on July 24, 2011

What does one say when flowers fade
before their time, and wilt away by day.

As if to be somewhere else while seeking
to go far from tomorrow.

Roads divided through the woods and paths find their following
when those who seek find answers.

To sunshine meadows and skies of blue
and air of scented blooms.

Open vistas, Open suns, Beams a gathering
round about the floral things.

Who is it that appears to be calling
to the glory and never to sorrows sadness.

When was it that the brilliance faded
while they watched its burning.

Why the calling,.... calling,.. all into
oblivion's illusions and the illusion of oblivion.

Where is that chalice of the matter
that departed from the ways.

Never was there, Ne`r to be the Lilly on the morrow
while the children asked for their fathers.

Yet to see, for them the challenge
of the lights is yesterday's tomorrow.

As passing memories were passing by
and promises were made long ago.

Et tu my flower ! missing stems and parted ways,
odors of the day are gone forever,...forever.

Forsake the sky,... the very source of
the earth below... and bring the issue forward.

As chance may have its way with you
and conquers all of them who question.

Never mind the mothers,... whose bloom
faded yesterday into the fire.

Foretell, foretell, and wonder why
and what, and when and how,...they come.

Greet the occasion as if a mission
were abandoned long ago.

So that we and they and you and I and, all
could reason all the more.

And see the power failing,... failing
as if to fade away on the morrow.

And time and times become for them
the guide before the longing.

Smell sweet my flower, ...burn the hatred first,
enter then the sunshine...and find the hidden passion.


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    • profile image

      nikashi_designs 6 years ago

      Realy pretty and emotional poem. Had to read it a few times before it sunk in. Thanks