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April Is A Fickle Lass.

Updated on November 26, 2009

3 Poems On April

April Is A Fickle Lass


April is a fickle lass,
who braids bright crocus in her hair,
of long green grass curled into waves.

She teases us with her allure,
then dances with a winter storm,
whose heavy feet all shod in white
Just cripple her most graceful waltz,
with bitter toes that crush her style,
mid-pirouette, frozen in time.

Till daffodils cut in to play,
their trumpet songs from earthbound pits,
and tulips kiss her waiting lips.
Then once again she'll share her love,
with all who wait for come what May,
and spring off in a lovely way.



I knew an April once.....


I knew an April way back then
her eyes were like the rain
all misty blue they deeply held
her dreams and every pain
she begged me to remain
and keep our world the same
her lips were temptresses
they beckoned like two tulip petals
oh how they quivered when we kissed
my heart took hours to settle
my blood was molten metal
but then came May a lovely lass
she stole my soul and ran
across green fields of dandelions
you see she had a plan
for me to be her man
her back was warmed from early sun
she snuggled close to me
and in her whispered promises
I heard eternity
but it was not to be
for June stretched lazily around
my soul with her embrace
she offered days that had no end
with joy I kissed her face
in that summer loving place
we walked across the hazy heat
that rose like passions fire
and I swore I would stay where her
love always took me higher
but Autumn with her tawdry laugh
and multicolored dress
put spices in each kiss we shared
I swear she tasted best
I hardly got much rest
she'd blow across my limbs
stripping me bare and tumbling down
she'd rake her nails across my back
then leave me there spellbound
The memories of these past loves
that I've known as time floats by
have carried me through winters blasts
when blizzards fill the sky
and fires warm my sighs
for it is here I understand
as white flakes fill the land
that I will be a lonely man
till I mark my dates with Jan



April's grand Entrance!


tiptoes in
around the puddles
of its exuberance drained
gently stepping between
the tulips and the daffodils
to spread its vast cape of green
polka dotted in yellows
across the grays
of winter spent.


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