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April Sun: A POEM

Updated on July 23, 2012

April Sun

I awake at dawn as the yawn of sunshine

Pours infernally through my meager blinds

A few more hours would be nice

To frolic in the fields of my mind

Eye lids make poor curtains

Mine acquiesce for hurdling light

Despite melancholy moods

I bid farewell to night

Forever more to the moon

Always hello to sun

Rude awakening of dawn

More tenacious than alarm

Or even of the rooster call

Within these quiet walls

Neither squeak of floorboard

Nor squeal of hinge

Startles me from my blissful binge

Yet the light becomes my bedfellow

Each morning at this time

I feel her spidery fingers

Crawling up my spine

Over my broad shoulders

Into the windows to my soul

Until we meet again fair dreams

My eyes stay open wide

Nary chance to hide

In shadow

Only the blasted sun

Mocks me through draperies

With ought lashed tongue

Spouting profanities

To my senses



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    • Innuentendre profile image

      Innuentendre 5 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Thank you kindly CBartelmey!

    • CBartelmey profile image

      CBartelmey 5 years ago from Colorado, United States

      "Until we meet again fair dreams", I feel that way often. And this was filled with really good imagery all around, so well done.