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Arador Series #1: The Bringer of Destruction

Updated on July 21, 2016

The Bringer of Destruction

By: Rachel Ann Luckow

Life isn’t always easy. You could be the only one in your family who was born with bird wings. My name is Azrah, and I want to tell you about the true meaning of power.

I didn’t always have feathers. When I was born, my shoulder blades were just like my brothers’. Did I mention I have two other brothers that share my birthday? We also share two more who are older than us. My mother? No wings. Neither did my father. Everyone in this excuse for a bloodline is human. So how on earth did I end up with wings?

It was hard growing up, listening to other villages talk stories about my mother. She was cursed by a sorcerer. She committed adultery with the devil. Or perhaps she was raped by the devil? My favorite story was how the whole family was abducted by aliens. That one’s more fun to toy around with. It always made me smile at how everyone seemed to think I was telling the truth.

My family, however, didn’t take it as lightly as I did. My mother tried to rip them off at birth, only to die from a strange, white power that shielded her. At least, that’s what my oldest brother told me. I don’t remember expelling any “white light” in my life, however.

Since ma passed away, though, it’s been frustrating. My brothers constantly forced me to do dangerous tasks, in order to be allowed to hang out with them. Each task had caused me SOME kind of pain. Collecting honey from the branch hanging off the waterfall resulted in bee stings and a violent swim. Luckily, it was deep enough water in the bowl, below. At least the bees didn’t follow after the waterfall.

The scariest event that ever happened to me was when they tricked me into playing hide-and-go-seek. They found I had been hiding in a crate and found it funny to seal it shut. A day later, I was still trapped. They came back, carrying me off into the woods and assisting together to get me tied in a tree. I finally broke free, not expecting a brutal beating by all four of them. After hours of being left in that forest to die, a draywolf found me.

My wings must have confused her from one of her own pups. She dragged me into her den and kept me warm.

I remember the day my childhood died. After two days of licking blood from my mangled body, I healed fast. My mind, however, held a whole, new secret. There was only one way I managed to control my desire for revenge. I began finding fun in burning things, using my inherited ability to manipulate elements. After realizing how iron melted, I let my creative thoughts destroy my desires. I went from burning things to tinkering with metals.

My first sculpture was of a necklace. I even managed to embed a ruby to my beautiful chain. A new passion had been born. My abilities allowed curiosity beyond any other of my kind to evolve. I learned to make glass bottles out of sand and found that even energy from the elements could be stored inside. I combined elements together and learned how to create things. My crafting skills became so advanced, I made any animal of iron look like the real deal.

The power of what I found didn’t stop there. I learned how to toy with more than water, air, earth, and fire. Memories can be stored. Dreams can be captured. Sleep can be forced. Minds can even be controlled. It was time to show the world what they had tried so hard to throw away.

The next day, I paid a visit to my brothers. My eldest was the leader. If I could get into his mind, I could trick the others. My eye, however, was on another prize. My replicas of iron animals. I made four traps, one for each of them. The oldest was mauled by a lion. The next one down was attacked by wolves. My triplet siblings were introduced to a swarm of wasps and a murder of crows. After realizing what I have done to my family, I never saw my surrogate family again, but it always felt like they were still there. At least I have that, I guess…

Mom and dad felt I was a danger to the living and attempted to destroy me. My own parents could’ve just stopped me and explained why I shouldn’t have done it. But if I had that experience, then I never would have learned what true power was. And boy, do I love power. Anyways, enough of how grateful I am. This is about how hard it was to GET there.

Well, everyone was out to get me, since I had vanquished my family for what they’ve done to me. It goes to show, use of other elements in life can outweigh the basics. I obliterated my home planet.

I didn’t want to destroy all of life around me, I simply wanted my own kind to disappear. I figured if memories can be taken out, then why not one species? I got too careless. I was in tears when I had found other living beings, lying dead at my destruction. I tried to grow plants back. Bringing living creatures back, however? Let’s just say that it’s a very bad idea. Another night of crying, when I had to obliterate the world a second time. It was time to restart all over again, to another planet.

I came to a green planet, completely filled with trees. The animals were all similar to my home planet’s. Guess that goes to show, if life is located elsewhere, the evolution process seems the same. I doubt it, though. My theory is that there’s another alien out there, playing their own game of God. Perhaps I just happened to destroy one of his projects?

Anyways, I found a village of fox-like men, deep within the forest. I’ve failed society, once before. I did my best to avoid their home, but I admit to the occasional kidnappings of scouts and hunters. After all, my biggest interests were in human thought and the use of blood.

For instance, blood of different species can create a whole new animal. What can I say? I love playing God. I created the dragon, using the blood of a crocodile, a bat, a human, and a snake. Like Russian roulette, I threw body parts together. The head of a crocodile. Bat wings. Human brain. Snake skin. The first two had scars, but my pride was in their success with reproduction. The first dragon was born by egg, just like a crocodile or a snake would. I found it impressive.

But, it didn’t last. The brain of a human caused it enough intelligence to escape from my grasp. Like my draywolf family, they disappeared from my sight.

Well, I’ve forgotten about the meaning of love, for a while. The whole village was loaded with families, looking for their fathers, mothers, children, whatever. They were looking for me. No matter how much I tried to hide and continue my research, more scouts were killed on my sight, in order to allow myself more time. I was so frustrated. Just like my old planet, they refused to leave me alone. I nearly took them down, but one of the foxtaur just had to play with the same taboo I was. They tore out my heart, bottled up my essence, trapped my skeleton in a prison portal, and trapped my leftover memories in a bracelet. I bet they’re feeling pretty impressed with themselves, even after my destruction of their world. They threw every drone I made with my body and sealed me shut, but they forgot one, valuable thing. The human soul cannot be contained forever…..


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