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Are Corporations People fiction story

Updated on December 17, 2014

Long Hours At Work!

Jonathon took a deep breath. He had been at work now for twelve hours and still the boss wouldn’t let him leave.

“We’ve got to get 500 of these units finished before midnight,” the boss said emphatically.

It was a long assembly line and Jonathon remembered how the new owners of the company came in and busted the union that they had organized some twenty years earlier. He was tired and sore from bending and stooping and putting the arms on the robotic soldiers they were assembling. It was 9PM. They had their last break three hours ago and he was starting to feel a little like a machine.

“Only twenty more to go and then you can go home,” the boss encouraged.

Robotic Soldiers

Life On Singala

When he got home his children were asleep and his wife was waiting up for him.

“Your dinner is on the stove. I kept it at low heat for you. I hope you like it,” Eleanor said.

Eleanor and Jonathon had two children and had been married for ten years. Their children were six and eight years old. Jonathon was thirty eight and his wife was thirty six years old. She was a tall four foot two (which is tall in Singala) and Jonathon was four foot four. Jonathon had curly black hair and Eleanor was a blond. It was obvious to any that knew them that they were in love. Jonathon embraced Eleanor and kissed her in a long passionate embrace and then set down at the table in their small four bedroom house.

“I am dead tired,” he said to Eleanor. “I spent twelve hours today at work from 9 this morning until 9:30 tonight. The new owners are terrible to work for. They fired old Charley after he’d been with the company for thirty years. That’s because he was the union president. Even though I am a member of the union the union might as well be dead at Sigtron enterprises.”

He dished up a plate from the stove and set back down.

“MMM, this is excellent. Rabbit?”

“Yes,” Eleanor said. “I traded some of the carrots I grew in my garden with Jane next door. They raise excellent rabbits. Tell me about the union. I am working on an article for the newspaper since I went back to work. The paper wants to show what’s happening here in Singala to everyone. They are talking about putting it on the radio and television once they find out what is going on. I’m excited about my new job as journalist. The local philanthropist JD bought the paper two years ago and wants to change the world.”

“That sounds neat,” said Jonathon. “The big money boys that owned the paper before can’t be too happy about that.”

Rabbit Meat
Rabbit Meat

Corporate Takeover

“Yes. JD hired the best people and made them go to a seminar in building relationships before he took over. He gave everyone a very nice income and an excellent health insurance policy. We don’t need a union at the ‘Light Matters Publications’.”

“Yes and the only reason they kept me on at Sigtron is because of my knowledge of the systems. The big money boys own every manufacturing plant in the world. I wish we had a JD for manufacturing.”

“How is dinner?” Eleanor asked.

“Excellent,” said Jonathon as he finished the last of the rabbit and the salad that she had prepared for him. “I’m tired. Let’s go to bed. I have to be to work tomorrow at 7AM. The new boss wants me to explain the systems to him so he can fire me. Ha! Ha!”

“Don’t laugh,” responded Eleanor. “It’s probably true.”

“Probably,” said Jonathon and he rinsed his dishes off and put them in the dishwasher. “How are the kids?”

“Excellent,” responded Eleanor. “Jamie is in the third grade and Miranda is in kindergarten. The school is overcrowded with thirty kids to a class but they seem to be real happy. They both rave about their teachers. Problem is it sounds like they’re going to let them go because of the states budget deficit.”

“Man, I don’t know how we can keep going on like this. The President George Skinfly is trying to turn our world into a huge money making corporation. Since they passed those laws that a corporation is a person, we’ve had nothing but troubles. I’m glad you have a good job.”

“Me too,” Eleanor cooed and they snuggled into each other and went to sleep.

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