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Are My Topics Sub-Tropics??

Updated on May 20, 2010
My shipwreck on the isle of 82 lattitude...82 longitude somewhere east of 100 miles from nothing.
My shipwreck on the isle of 82 lattitude...82 longitude somewhere east of 100 miles from nothing.

82 ??!!??!!??!!

Are all of my topics.....

sub-tropics ?

are the judges

of the scores myopic?

My numbers are

always hanging

around the low eighties

even though hundreds of

vistors flock here weekly

but my score remains meekly


What's a poet to do?

It's not a big deal,

it's akin to a

grade assigned

to a school kid.

who does all his work

and writes his very best

and yet does not

capture the teachers

favor and is granted a C

average at best.

Like a hummingbird

I am happy

but the best nectar

is just out of reach

as I hover

ever s t r e t c h i n g

my long quilled desires

to a larger amount

of sweetness

for my efforts.

I've noticed that many

are devinely in the nineties.

and wonder at why

I can't reach

that level that's denied me.

1,500 poems ....

Perhaps I write too many,

perhaps there is too

much here too take in

but then what

would I do without

my daily creative impulses.

They are my transfusions

of thought into words, into bliss.

why would I ever abandon this

for something numb-er?

Just a silly number

like a credit rating

that can be bad if you

pay all your bills on time.

I know, it's hard for

me to get credit

because I never pay

finance charges.

They prefer the folks

who fall behind

and earn the

credit companies


So I should be happy

with the low eighties,

it's always a nice number

on a Spring day.

it's a great golf score.

it was a fun time to live through.

it's what I hope to live to be.

Perhaps they don't like poetry?

What unseen tallyers

sit in judgement and condemn

without reasons as to why?

The numbers rise and fall

like the waves of an ocean.

So I suppose it's best

if I just let it rest.

like a scab on

a wounded arm.

it will eventually fall off

and leave its mark

to scar my words

or perhaps

there is a healing

somewhere down the road.

I have actually at times

reached the 89's

and did a little dance with my

fingers across the keyboard,

that would rival Fred Astaire.

As of late it has

been a yo-yo in heat

rising and falling, always

walking the dog....... day afternoons

when I write or

going round the world

with a somewhat

higher assignment.

At least it's not

my pulse rate

while sitting here

and relaxing my

creative impulses.

for that I can be grateful.

One should be able to

make a statement about it.

perhaps a big red X

that we could paste over it

to express our dismay

at the label it puts on us.

Naw, it's just a silly number,

the work is what tells all

each reader makes

their own judgements.

Not some random computer

like a riotous lotter

stealing what values us

on the pages of hub,

there in lies the rub.

Let your work

speak for itself

it has a voice

that needs no

choice number,

it is never deaf,

blind or dumber

than the two

numerals posted.

So I will write on

right on the same page,

that tells me I am doing less

than the vast amounts

I have already done.

Enjoy this

underrated writer

and assign your own value

by your comments and visits....

...........that will suffice.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MFB III






















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    • thevoice profile image


      8 years ago from carthage ill

      terrific moving hub wrote read thanks

    • Mekenzie profile image

      Susan Ream 

      8 years ago from Michigan

      MFB, you are a brilliant writer and it confuses me too why your hubscore is not higher. I have read, here on the hubs, that it is not people who tally the score but a computer program. Most seem puzzled as to what they base the score on.

      You my dear man are a 100% in creativity, sensitivity, with superior writing skills. I wish I could raise your score myself .. I would if I could ya know.


    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      8 years ago from Southern Illinois

      You are this teacher,s pet,

      and a 100 you will always get.

      Why, to give you less than you deserve,

      well, my thoughts are not good, so i,ll keep them in reserve.

      You keep right on writing, So many of us look forward

      to seeing your words on paper

      wondering what,s he going to write about today?

      knowing you have pulled off some kind of brilliant caper

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      lol,,, that's it :)


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