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Are Romance Novels Bad For You?

Updated on August 17, 2015

Girls love romance novels but can romance novels do actual more harm than good? Sure they take readers to a place of fantasy but do they give women unexpected expectations as to what relationships should be like in real life? Here is an interview off the record with someone who reads them and explains on how they feel when it comes to romance novels and weather or not they are good or bad for women.

Jen Panaro: Do you read romance novels? Off The Record: Yes, I do

JP: Why? OTR: Because I want to be in love one day

JP: What do you think the message is that romance authors are trying to send?

OTR: That people should be in love

JP: Will this make you continue or stop reading romance novels?

OTR: Continue

JP: Why?

OTR: Because I want to be in love with the right guy one day

JP: Do you belive that romance novels do more harm than good?

OTR: Sometimes

JP: Why?

OTR: Sometimes they put you in a fantasy world

There are a lot of romance novels out there and some people fee that it does more harm than good. It is a great escape and a great read but when people read too much they could be let down in relationships.

Do you believe romance novels do more harm than good?

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