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Are We Really Independent? A July 4th Reflection

Updated on July 25, 2013

Independence Day?

Sitting here in good ole PA, not far from Philadelphia and the liberty bell having a think.

Our forefathers fought for our independence from Britian a long time ago. I remember when I was a kid celebrating the fourth of July. All I saw were flags and other signs of patriotism. We are a free and independent country!

I wrote a similar article last fourth of July, but that article has long been forgotten. Hopefully, it had an affect on at least one person.

Are we "really" independent is this theme. Last year, it was are we really free. There is a difference.

While we are free to worship as we please, go where we want, and other similar freedoms, I believe we are becoming a nation of co-dependents.

What inspired me today was an article in the USA today that stated insurance companies now have to help people lose weight. Afterall, it is not our fault we are an obese nation.

Part of the definition of independence is "not relying on or requiring anything from something else.

What To Do?

I submit that there are two things that have to happen before we can be a truly independent nation:

1.) Recognize that you are responsible for your own actions

2.) Recognize that you must fix your own problems you have created

A Nation of Blamers

We live in a blame society. Things that "happen" to people are the result of someone else allowing them.

Here are some pointed examples:

Guns kill people - opps! Did I say that out loud?

The government made me fat by stuffing McDonald's down my throat.

I am unemployed because no job showed up at my doorstep and carried me to work.

And of course, the Devil made me do it!

Now if that is too sarcastic, just look around at what is happening:

The insurance companies have to help you lose weight.

The government has to mandate health insurance.

The grocery store has healthy options, yet people bypass them.

Before you jump on me for being somewhat pompus, I was overweight for 10 years. The thing here is, I never blamed anyone for making me eat 10 meals a day nor did I blame anyone when I couldn't fit in the Claw ride at Hershey Park!

I lost my weight not by relying on my insurance company or Obama. I took resposibility for my bad choices and lost (and kept) the weight. Now, it is the insurance companie's job to fix people. Good luck with that.

We blame McDonald's and Burger King for making bad food. Little girls tell off the CEO of McDonalds for being bad. Is McDonalds really bad.

Are cigarette companies evil?

Nobody's putting a gun to our head to eat there or smoke a cigarette.

This 4th of July, make a resolution to be truly independent. Take one part of your life and make a change for the better.

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Update July 25th 2013

Interesting, I have received a negative score for this hub?!? So, I thought I better add some content on it or at least make it somewhat more interesting! Here you go!

I could not find a sexy news girl, so Chevy will have to do!

Mosquitoes Blamed for Childhood Obesity!

Reading the USA today article this morning about Mosquitoes almost over the top. Once again, the public amazed me in their blame game.

Because the mosquitoes are swarming everywhere, children cannot go out to play and, therefore, are getting fat.

Notice in the picture, the mosquitoes have trapped this poor young fella in a McDonalds and he is forced to eat burgers and fries!

This may sound silly to you, but look at the logic.

Kids cannot go outside - therefore - they will stay inside and eat junk food!

Where will this all end? Once again, are we really able to say we are independent while we keep on blaming everything from obesity to bad hair on someone else?

Perhaps this is a mosquito conspiracy to fatten up kids so when they do break into the outside world, they can have a great feast!

But no worry, Obama will fix it!

Feel free to leave a comment! Tell me I'm wrong (or right)!

Parents to Blame For Obesity As Well?


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