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Are We Really WE ?

Updated on April 11, 2017

I run a bit faster,
Jump a little longer,
Climb a little higher,
Work a bit harder,
Love a little deeper,
Cry a bit earlier,
Fight a little uglier,
Trust a bit blinder,
Reach a little later,
Dream a bit bigger.

But in the amidst of all,
Someone comes and,
Makes my heart run a bit faster,
Hold me on a little longer,
Makes me aim a little higher,
Scold me a bit harder,
Inspire me a little deeper,
Teach me a bit earlier,
Makes me feel a little uglier,
Moves with me a little blinder,
Meet me a bit later,
Makes me feel a bit bigger.

And I feel like,
A little fancier,
A bit smarter,
A little more failure,
A bit more of a lover,

But at the end i ask,
Am I this ?
Or a bit more cheater.


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