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Are We There Yet? Planning a Family Car Trip? A Must Read

Updated on February 1, 2015

Are We There Yet?

We're going on vacation today!
Yep, all of us are in the car.
My brother is already fast asleep,
And we haven't even gone that far.

Mommy packed us a bunch of snacks-
And we all have some books and toys,
But I'm not really all that pleased
Crammed in the backseat with all these boys.

Daddy forgot something, and wants to stop,
But Mommy tells him just drive and don't worry
Because we're going on vacation today,
And we are all in SUCH a hurry.

Sally says she's gotta pee,
And asks "Are we there yet?"
Anthony just spilled his drink
And now Christopher is soaking wet!!

Yep, we're going on vacation,
And it's going to be great!
It's just this long drive is so boring,
And car rides make my tummy ache.

"Stop looking at me!" someone says.
"Stop breathing on me!!" someone yells back.
My tummy starts to gurgle, and
Pretty soon I'm throwing up in a sack.

We got to bring Whiskers with us.
(Whiskers is our pet)
"Eww, roll down the windows, Whiskers farted!"
Mommy asks Daddy, "Are we there yet?"

I played a game of Slug Bug
With my brother who I showed how.
But I punched him a little too hard
And the big baby is crying now.

We're so excited to get there
And it seems we've gone SO far-
Suddenly, Daddy exclaims "Here we go!"
As we pull away from our house in our car!!!!!

©2011. All rights reserved. May not be reproduced without written permission.


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