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Are Writers Looked Down Upon?

Updated on September 6, 2012

Writing Woes

I am a twenty-year old junior attending college at the University of Massachusetts Lowell majoring in English - Journalism/ Professional Writing. I've been asked many times why I've decided to major in English, especially by my friends who are a majority of nursing/business/science majors. I simply respond with a lackadaisical, "Because I love it."

To my dismay, the scrunched up faces I receive in response, leaves me with a feeling of, "Maybe I am wrong." I've always wholeheartedly believe in doing what you love despite how much money you make or whether or not others agree with your choice, but nowadays, my will of steel seems to be waning. The job openings these days, are discouraging to say the least, for an English major such as myself. All of my peers are on their way who are in business and nursing, while I am still stuck taking courses with no internship to my name.

English majors I know have the same difficulties in making it into their writing careers, but we cannot keep blaming ourselves for loving to write. Our passion for putting pretty words together are too strong to give up and switch for something we do not love. No, to all English majors out there, I may not be a famous icon or writer myself, but all I can say is, "Write even if your only audience is yourself." It is a personal mantra I wanted to share to all writers who may be struggling with starting a career - especially to those who are a part of my generation - it is a difficult time for us economy wise, but we must persevere. Good luck to all, and I wish you nothing but the best!


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    • RosieHuynh profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Wow, you switched from English to Piano and then to Bacteriology! That's quite a leap from one major to another! But I cannot say I didn't do the same - I switched from Graphic designing to English.

      I respect your view on finding jobs is hard for practically all majors and I'd love to know what the name of the book is if you one day remember it! Thanks for your informative comment, it taught me a lot.

    • Doodlehead profile image


      6 years ago from Northern California

      I switched from English to Piano to Bacteriology and worked in biochemical research for 7 years and finance for 31 years.

      There is a book out, can't remember the name, but it tells how you can get any job you want (almost) with any major.

      If I had to do it over I would attend the best school I could get into and pick the easiest major [for me] and learn a language. A language will get the world at your feet, especially the "right" language. Combine that with good writing skills, and I think you have a "deal".

      Remember your fellow students have no idea what they are talking about. They are listening to the media and to their family and friends.

      They are "playing it safe".

      From what I see there is a bonanza of writing opportunity right now.

      I have to say, having been in finance 31 years, and haviing written only a small bit and gotten paid peanuts in writing, I was first negative about it.

      Now I am learning more of where the opportunities are.

      I also will say that I thought I got treated poorly by customers for 31 years, but in 2 months on a content writing site I got treated the worst of all.

      Life is tough all over. You will be crapped on wherever, whoever you are in whatever field you work in. It is your job to "get over it" and move on. Much easier said than done....for me anyway.

      The way to do it though in ANY field today is to "own the platform". That is, own a Hubpages, own a Constant Content, own a financial writing site. Then you are not at the whim of takeovers, revisions of compensation and so forth.

      I think the most required class for anyone today should be (I did say SHOULD BE) "marketing 101". Everybody needs it in this life no matter who or what you are doing.

      As far as whether they are "looked down on" whom? Some people look down on them, others are envious, others are snooty to everybody they meet. Who do you hang out with? Maybe you are hanging out with snooty people.


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