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What Does It Mean To Be Perfectly Imperfect? Meaning, Quotes and Sayings

Updated on June 24, 2013
Are you perfect or perfectly imperfect?
Are you perfect or perfectly imperfect?

Life in the 21st century is fast.

We are always rushing here, darting there, busy with housework, in a mad panic to get dinner cooked (on time), juggling work and everything in between.

I am often asked, "How do you do it all?". Sometimes I feel like I deserve a medal for the amount of things I can get done in a day.

Am I perfect? No. I consider myself to be perfectly imperfect.

Are you perfectly imperfect too?

I bet there is someone you know who looks like they have it all. Who looks like they do it all. They are always full of smiles, well dressed and happy. You may even envy them. You may look inwards to yourself and wish you were like them.

I bet, without any shadow of a doubt, that they have a long long list of things that they do not do too. I bet too, that some of the things that they do not do, you do!

So you are good! And if they saw your list of do's and do not do's they will envy you.

Just like me I bet you are perfectly imperfect.

I am like a chameleon. You know, that animal that changes its colours in response to mood or environment as well as a defence mechanism. OK, I cannot rotate my eyes and swivel independently. I cannot see 360-degrees (but I do feel like I have eyes at the back of my head).

Unlike a chameleon, my tongue is not as long as my body, I cannot balance on a branch and I cannot sleep upside down! But I can change my 'stripes' many times a day, and I do.

In any one day I can be doctor, a nurse, a chef and a cleaner. A counsellor, a singer, a story teller and a travel agent. A taxi, a tour guide, a hairdresser, a teacher, a tv critic, a writer, an interior designer and a builder (LEGO or block towers); all the while being a mum, a wife, a sister and a daughter. Not to mention being me.

They say that the job of a full-time parent could net a six figure income if a monetary value were to be set on it! I think I deserve that. Don't you?

When I think about it though, I hardly do it all. In fact there are so many things that I don't do that I wish I did. I need to remember that I choose to do these things, and by choosing to be these roles, I am opting out of doing other things. It is my choice.

By choosing to sit at my computer, and write my new blog, I am choosing not to do laundry or vacuum the floors.

I decided to write down a list of the things I do not do, but I wish I could if there were more than 24 hours in a day. I have chosen to show you and everyone else who asks, that I am not perfect.

It is time to stop being hard on yourself. It is time to keep it real. It is good to use our time wisely, of course, but it’s all about choosing to be the person we were meant to be (not someone else!).

Perfectly Imperfect Quotes
Perfectly Imperfect Quotes

You could liken it to the great Wizard of Oz. If someone looks behind my curtain, they would see that I am no different than anyone else.

I might be a superwoman to my children, but at the end of the day I am just human.

I am beautifully broken. I am perfectly imperfect.

I do spend time with my two children, I do watch them grow and develop every day. I do laugh and cry with them. I do enjoy my life.

Yes, the garden may have more weeds than it should and there might be a bit too much dust on the coffee table and far too many dishes in the sink, but hey, I had fun making playdough monsters and getting all messy with them.

When it comes to the end of the day and I feel like I have done it all, I need to remember that I have not.

In all honesty no one really does. It is a great reminder that we can’t do everything, but we can do an awful lot when we set our mind to it.

What don't you do?

All Hubs are Original Material by 'Work At Home Mums' ©

I am not perfect. I am me. This is the list of things that I don't do.

I do not:

  • Iron or keep the washing basket empty. In fact I think there is washing still in the machine now...from yesterday.
  • Fold the laundry regularly - it usually looks like Mount Everest.
  • Come up with activities for my children to do as often as I should.
  • Leave the house every day.
  • Stop for lunch or eat proper healthy meals.
  • Pamper myself.
  • Rinse out the paint brush.
  • Tend to my garden as much as I should.
  • Go out for coffee with my friends every week (as much as people think that's what a stay at home mum does).
  • Read as much as I used to; unfortunately.
  • Keep up with my filing.
  • Remember birthdays and anniversaries all the time.
  • Leave the house after 7pm at night as that would mean leaving my children alone.
  • Keep my house clean. No matter how hard I try it just gets messy all over again.
  • Cook from scratch. As much as I would love to be that parent, I just do not have the energy. Kudos to those who do!
  • Get enough sleep. Who does?
  • Write letters, thank you notes or a simple hello and post it via snail mail.
  • Like getting up early.
  • Take time to exercise.
  • Eat enough vegetables.
  • Dust.
  • Get on my knees to scrub the floors.
  • Wear makeup every day.
  • Recycle (enough).
  • Turn off the tv when no one is watching it.
  • Turn off the tap when I brush my teeth.
  • Make as much money as I used to when I was in the corporate world.
  • Have short showers every day.
  • Always shop with a list - therefore I spend too much on the things I don't need (normally too much chocolate!).
  • Take enough photos of my children.
  • Visit friends as much as I would like.
  • Spend enough time bonding with my family
  • Relax.
  • Stop to appreciate the simple things in life.

I should stop here, before it looks like I do nothing. However, there is one last thing I should do, and that is to add this to my do not do list.

Do not compare myself to anyone else. I’m content being me.


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    • Dr Pooja profile image

      Dr Pooja 

      7 years ago

      Identified a lot of me in your hub.Awesome to pen down what you don't do!

    • Jlava73 profile image

      Jennifer Vasconcelos 

      7 years ago from Cyberspace and My Own World

      I too am perfectly imperfect. At one time this bothered me, I have learned to accept and embrace and stay grounded. Perfect is an illusion.

    • Daughter Of Maat profile image

      Melissa Flagg COA OSC 

      7 years ago from Rural Central Florida

      Great hub! lol It kind of reminded me that I might be trying to do too much in one day and I'm missing out on doing the stuff that counts.

      Voted up and awesome!


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