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Are you Invincible In Your Field

Updated on April 18, 2010




Are you Invincible in your field? . How many of us, can say with confidence that we are invincible in our field. Not many . Why is it so ? . People really don’t take the pain and such persons. Of course, we admire them, want to move with them or hang with them or at least take a picture with them and then we sit in our own world and daydream care to shine in their field. Have you come across any person whom you would say, that he or she are invincible in their field . Many of us might have come across or wonder, how come they achieved such a position.

Many forget to notice that those who have come to the top of their field are hard workers in one way or other. Their style of work might be different, but the result would be astonishing. They know themselves. They know their positive and negative side and work according to that. It’s a common factor to note that these people are found to be outstanding in only a single field of interest. They can’t and they will never ride on two horses. That’s knowing yourself.

First of all , we should see whether we are in the right field of interest or whichever suits us. Never be in a field, just because others told you, or everyone say that it is a good one. The world which once said, that it’s a good field will change the tune and say that you are unfit for the job. A few people never heed to what the world says about their activities. They are clear thinkers and they know what they are doing.

As Mr. Abraham Lincoln, once said that he will take more time to sharpen his axe and then with less time cut down the tree. What he has given in a single line is worth a life time. He has asked to sharpen our skills first ,rather than to be half-baked and be a laughing stock. Well, most of us belong to this category only. We never want to take pain in developing our skills whichever is necessary to our field.

We can mention many heroes in our history who were invincible in their life. For example, we can mention Winston Churchill. He was a real hero during his time. When his people were losing hope in the war, he used to boost their confidence through the radio, which was the only means of reaching the people those days.  He never uttered a word, which will put a negative effect on his people. It’s said that, only because of his  oration,  England had an upper hand  during  the World War.

He knew what he wanted from his people and what he has to give in return. Likewise, Napoleon was a star during his period. His name alone was enough to capture many lands. Many feared him and many respected him while many admired him. He was such a personality, that he was a master in waging wars. He was a very practical man; so to say, his sleep will be, on the horse, riding from one destination to the other. His concentration was total and he used to say that he had many compartments in his head assigned to different activities and when he was acting upon one of his compartments, his all other compartments will be shut so that he was totally immersed in one activity at a time. His control over his senses were such that even if a shell happened to explode somewhere near him, he would be standing like a statue without any fear. These qualities made him invincible.

Michael Jackson, who is the king of pops, was once an unknown kid striving to make a name for himself. It was his total dedication and thinking that made him the king of pops and it is a known fact, that no one will be able to reach his position in the near future. He was a Legend.

Some, in history also were invincible, but in a negative manner. Like Hitler, Stalin, Genghis Khan etc.. These people were still invincible in their life, though they used their powers in a negative manner.  Right, now what should we do to be invincible in our field.

1.       Find out whether you are in a field, which suits you and your interests.

2.       Learn the basics, whereby you need not be taken for granted by your sub-ordinates.

3.       Update your field. Learn the latest news about your field and read extensively about your field.

4.       Always be in touch with even a small act in your field because some day you might even forget how to do even minor things which might be crucial at times.

5.       Move with pioneers in your field.

6.       Always exhibit confidence about yourself regarding your field. People should never under estimate you at any time.

7.       Learn from mistakes, which you have done or from what others have done the wrong way.

8.       Collect facts, records, details and whatever  needed for your field. It might give you a helping hand some day.

9.       Never under estimate others talents. If you find them smarter than you, you will be smarter than them if you could use them to do your job or at least make him your friend so that he won’t cross you at the wrong time.

10.   Never reveal your secrets to any one, however close they are with you. Some day the cat will be out of the bag.

11.   Know your competitor and analyze his weakness and strength.

12.   Strike when the iron is hot.

13.   Keep people judging about your moods and moves.

14.   Never believe in people totally. Always have an eye upon everyone and make them know that you are watching them.

15.   The most important of everything is your skill should be perfect and matchless. If not develop them at any cost.

16.   Your confidence should be contagious. Never lose heart or get disappointed . Persistence pays.

17.   Lastly, hard work. You should be a great hard worker. Lazy people have never achieved anything in history except to day dream.

Skill might be anything. For actors, it would be acting, for singers it would be their voice, for business people , it would be their calculations, for politicians it would be their appeal to the people, for artists , it would be their style etc. So, know your skill at an early stage and develop them perfectly and you will be on the path of invincibility.


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