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Ares KotP: Danger from Beyond

Updated on May 20, 2011

Chapter 6

Rolling over on my back, I shook my dazzled head, trying to clear the stars that were appearing before my eyes. With a split second to spare, I jumped out of the way of the downward slash of a sword. I pirouetted on my tail, woofing out balls of energy from my paws, barely missing my foe.

With blurry eyes I looked for my sword, my shield lay cracked on the ground beside me. Finally! I spied my sword and darted towards it, my body blurring in and out of sight as I pulsed veiling magic around me. Scooping the sword up in my jaws, I back flipped over my opponent, skimming the sword across their back. Black flames exploded across the back at the point where my rune etched sword touched, and an inhuman howl erupted from the wererabbits mouth.

Yes, a wererabbit. Landing awkwardly on my paw, I spun again, shooting tail hairs at the beast, hardening as they traversed the air. The wererabbitt bounded over my tail attack and turned to run. Now that I was not under a sneak attack, the rascally rabbit knew it stood no chance against a Knight. I lowered my head and gathered my power and launched myself at the beast. Catching it by the tail I shook it viciously, throwing it up into the air, and sending a woofing blue flame after it. Bits and pieces of the beast fell to the ground, a stank stench filling the air.

Shaking my head I moved to gather my shield up, sighing at how much work it would require to fix. Blacksmithing is extremely hard without opposable thumbs. My jaws ached for weeks last time I performed any forging. I sniffed around for any trace of dark magic, or rabbit pellets. This was the third wererabbitt this week, and I had no idea where they were coming from, or who was infecting them.

Bouncing on my back paws, I performed my teleportation spell to return home, where I hoped for some cheese, some cookies, and a good nap. As my spell took hold, and I felt myself begin to leave, a violent, nauseating twisting sensation took hold of me. Spinning madly through space and time, losing all sense of direction I flailed my paws helplessly. Without my shield in one piece, it flew off my back, disappearing into the nether regions. Landing face first in a pile of disgusting ooze, I slowly drifted into unconsciousness.

When I awoke, I was restrained, my sword gone, my shield was who knows where. I was suspended upside down, the ground covered in some sort of disgusting muck, the air rank with dark magic. I looked around best I could, but even with my large eyes, I could see nothing. I tried to summon a small portion of power, enough for a light but at the slightest twitch of power, agonizing current swept through my body, rending me back into unconsciousness.


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