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Ares KotP: Downward Spiral

Updated on September 16, 2011

Chapter 12: Downward Spiral

Energy filled the air as I battled with War. We pushed each other to our limits and beyond. My new powers granted me by the Council Superiors had enabled me to stand my own against the evil beaver(now bald in parts) but other than that I sensed he was merely playing with me. I was trying to maintain my focus on my fight with War, keep an eye on Death, and coordinate the battle between us and them. Normally I can focus on one thing at a time, and get distracted quite easily, however now I seemed to be able to do it flawlessly.

War stepped back, eyes narrowed as he evaluated me. I could sense the confusion in the mad beavers eyes as he tried to determine how I had gained so much power in such a short period of time. I felt the air behind stir me and threw myself forward, spinning in air as I swept one sword back to parry the downward slice, and one forward to deflect wars attack. Death had crept up behind me getting in position under a veil and a simulacrum of himself elsewhere.

I threw myself forward and sideways, using the momentum of the parry to propel me at a higher rate of speed. I skidded to a stop, spinning and launching tail hairs, which hardened in mid flight, at Wars chest. War swept a claw aside, muttering a spell, which deflected my hairs in the air, but left him open to the two rear toenails a split second behind him. They pierced his armor and pricked his skin. With a gasp he looked down, and I snarled a woof of power, exploding the nails in his chest. The explosion knocked War over, and in that instant I mentally commanded a massive counterattack and retreat. I spun and launched myself at Death, instantly covering the ground and attacking ferociously with sword, tooth and claw. Death fell back, slower then War, weaker, and I was pressing him hard. I felt the beaver begin to stir and ordered the fighters to fall back to our retreat point. Sending a final blast at Death, I moved forward to the rear of our forces, blowing the doorway down on the invading demonic entities.

We took a moment to grab our breath, panting, drooling, sweating. Owls and Camels, Stallions and Pekingese, bloodied and torn, standing tall and proud, we had fought off two horseman of the Apocalypse, saved the elder council, and escaped with our fur, hair and feathers intact.

The owls quickly began to spin, opening a portal for us to retreat with. We may have won if we stayed, but leaving to fight another day would enable us to gather more strength, more allies, and recall the rest of the Knighthood for an assault.


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    • Vinaya Ghimire profile image

      Vinaya Ghimire 

      7 years ago from Nepal

      I have not read other hubs on this series but after reading this part I'm intrigued to read more.


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