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Ares KotP: Recovery

Updated on November 20, 2011

Chapter 13

Home at last. My paws were sore, by breath was rank, my fur matted, and I was filled with exhaustion after the last battle with War and Death. I re-appeared in my living room, withdrawing the image of myself that I had left as a stationary illusion. Thankfully it was raining outside, so I had a good excuse for my appearance.

The battle had been fierce, with many casualties on both sides of the battle. The horsemen had been forced to retreat, and I had managed to save the lives of many pekingese and our allies. But why then, did I feel so unaccomplished?

I padded gently down the hall to my bed, drank some water, hid my swords and my armor, and laid down for a good nap. I just had gotten to sleep when I was beckoned by the council's air messenger. Raising wearily to my paws, I padded over to the window, allowing the messenger in. Cocking my head, I absorbed the message and my heart stopped. The council had learned that a third horseman had been sighted, and it was believed famine had crossed over now. Cookies and kibbles but this was bad news. We barely survived an encounter with two horsemen, now there was three. Add his army to the other two and we were severely outnumbered. Up the proverbial creek without a fire hydrant. The council wanted me to arrive tomorrow morning to begin planning our strategy. Me plan? Pffft, I fly by the fur of my tail thank you very much. Oh well, nothing to do by agree and attempt to get what sleep I could.

I awoke in the morning, slightly refreshed. I saw the humans off to work, uncovered my swords and armor, and awoke Bricky, my roommate and boon companion, to allow him to know where I was and to help keep my illusion up. He placed his paw on my back, nodded gravely, and powered the illusion with some of his remaining knights magic. I pulled in my power, woofed a word, hopped twice and teleported to the councils reserve headquarters.

Upon arriving I was instantly surrounded by pekingese, camels, stallions, and owls, plus additional forces from the Cantankerous Kitties and Flying Falcons. I frowned at the appearance of the kitties, knowing they kept to their self usually. Meandering forward to the planning room, I pushed my way in, hearing whispers in the background about me. They were in awe of me, and honestly, who can blame them. As I rub my paw against my chest I acknowledged their accolades. Taking a deep breath, I entered the council room, preparing to plan our ultimate victory, or a disastrous defeat.


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