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Ares KotP: The Escape

Updated on July 8, 2011

Chapter 8

Free. Finally, I was free of my bindings. I knew I had scant seconds to escape from wherever I was being held. What with the destruction of the wall, the release of magical power, and of course the noticeable cries in the distance of the guards coming for me.

The guards of course didn’t worry me, I had to skedaddle before Death and War returned. One on one I was no match for either of them, together the odds of survival would go from none to some negative value. Thankfully math was never my strong point, so calculating my odds would be pointless, so we will just say it would be bad.

I sent out a pulse of my power, searching for my sword. The runes I etched into it would respond and allow me to find it, no matter where it was. Concentrating, my nose in the air, my tongue rolling out of my mouth, searching, searching. There! I found it, and not to far away. A brief woof of power and I veiled myself magically, darting out of my cell and down the hall to where my sword was being held. I was straining myself hard, using my power to hide myself and augment my speed. I kept trying to hold some in reserve, because I knew I would not escape without a fight. I also knew I must get out of this facility before I could even attempt to teleport home. War and Death have this place locked down tighter then a congressman’s bank account. And to top it off, the other two riders could be here as well. That’s all I need, War, Death, Famine and Pestilence after my bouncing furry butt.

I approached the room where my sword was held and detected a quite complex layer of wards surrounding the room. No life forms inside, but multiple presences coming down the hall towards me. The time for stealth was over, time for Knight power to take over. I dropped the veil, and began pulling in my power, while at the same time analyzing the wards around the door. I brought my power to form a long, shining blue beam, and powered it through the upper hinge, bringing it straight to the ground. The wards followed my beam, electricity sizzling the air as it exploded from the door, and straight into the ground. Cool. A puppy magical lightning rod. The door fell off its hinges and I was through in a blur of fur and teeth. Snatching my sword I spun around to face the first of the guards that had arrived. Four wererabbits exploded through the ruins of the door charging me. I had no time to deal with this riffraff. Spinning I exploded tail hairs, supercharged with Knight magic at the beast, splitting them in half instantly. Sheathing my sword in my collar, I veiled myself and accelerated as only a true Knight can, paws churning, head down. Using my magic I found the closest exit and charged for it. Unfortunately, Death was waiting for me there. I sensed him a second before I rounded the corner, and decided to use speed, stealth and brute force to get through him. War was on the other side of the complex, and coming fast riding that freakish mount of his.

I rounded the corner, still veiled and unsheathed my sword. I brought all my Knights power to the tip of the sword, dropped the veil and exploded the power out in a thin line of pure power. It hit Death square in the chest and knocked him to the side. I followed up with a side slash and a thrust, scoring a hit on Deaths shoulder. I side jumped spinning my tail hairs and my rear paw claws at him, supercharging the attack with my dwindling power. Death attempted to shield, and stopped the tail hairs, but the claws punctured his shield and embedded in his chest. Grinning, I woofed a word of power, and the claws exploded, rending Deaths chest open and dropping him like a rabbit drops, well, droppings.

Without waiting I burst through the outer door, summoning my power. Two hops and a woof and I spun through the nether, arriving at Knights headquarters. Surrounded by my brothers, I went to the elders and told my tale, warning them of Death and War now being loosed on the Earth.

The council began immediate plans to deal with this threat, and messengers were sent to our allies. I was allowed a brief leave to return home and check on the humans that were my responsibility. And, some much needed rest, cookies and cheese.


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