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Ares KotP: The Uprising

Updated on August 24, 2011

Chapter 10

I didn’t ask for this, nor do I desire it. Apparently due to my previous fights with the horsemen, I was elected to lead the reconnaissance mission into the stronghold where I was held captive. This is not a job I want, but I am the best qualified apparently. With me are two members of the Hooters club for quick flight recon, and three other Knights. Although the raw power of the Stallions and Brotherhood would be beneficial in case of a fight, their size makes being sneaky, well, unsneaky.

Flows with Wind and Chirping Chest of the Hooters club hovered above us, veiled in the innate magic all owls have to hide from the eyes of people, while myself, Chenzu, Rover, and Fred veiled ourselves with the barest amount of Knights power we could. I feel sorry for my compatriots, their humans have no imagination when it comes to names, of course not everybody could be named as awesome as I.

Back to the matters at paw. We stealthed down the hall that I had made my escape from, moving slowly, sensing evil, dark powers gathered everywhere in the compound. Memories of my time here were making me nervous, and I had to focus to remain veiled so as not to drop my veil or allow my power to run rampant giving us away. We found an alcove and ducked inside, sending the owls ahead scouting. We were looking for either signs that the other two horsemen had entered this dimension, or some indication of where the power was going, or even any sign of Death and War. War scared me, creepy little beaver.

Hiding in the silence, we dare not communicate. Using a veil here was dangerous enough, the even slightest trickle of magic could alert the residents, and that would be bad. The owls returned abruptly, panic in their posture. “Flee, flee “they announced, “they come!!”

Without waiting to see who “they” were, we turned and scampered, magic augmenting our natural Pekingese speed. No need to be sneaky, the whole fortress was awakening. Apparently the owls had been sighted, which means there was a very strong force present. A cold sliver of pure evil crossed our path, and materializing in front of us was the horseman Death. Tall and shadowed, a skeletal form of a sloth appeared, arms out stretched, magic scything from his clawed talons. Chenzu and myself threw our power forward in a shield, as Fred, Rover and the owls lanced pure energy at the horseman. Our shield barely held, and the skeletal sloth brushed aside the attack like it was nothing. He was strong. Much stronger then last time I met him.

I began connecting the dots, War had increased in power before Death entered, and now Death was increased in power. Between the two of them, they were absorbing the energy and power of minor spirits from around the globe. They were preparing to probably bring through both the remaining horsemen at the same time, which would be pretty horrific. I sent an instant thought through the group, commanding the owls to return to the Knighthood immediately with the information and my conclusions. Myself and the other three Knights blurred forward, swords drawn in a desperate ploy to allow the owls time to escape.

Death crouched down, evil dark magic gathered in his skeletal hands, preparing to lash out at the four charging Knights. Or eight. Now there was twelve of us all charging. Illusion magic is something all Knights are trained in, now was the perfect time to utilize it.

Death sprang back, bringing his magic to bear in a protective barrier and the four real Knights dropped from above, swords slashing. We bounded off his barrier, and as his hands blurred forward, we all unleashed a blast from our…posterior region. Perfectly planned perfectly executed, the attack landed a micro second after his barrier was down, and a split second before he attacked. The four attacks stunned him momentarily, and I gave the command to flee. I was the furtherest from the door, and watched as my companions turned to a furry blur, four paws churning madly to the door. I blurred forward, sword slashing and caught death behind the calf, slightly hamstringing him with my rune etched sword. He screamed in agony as the Knights pure power entered his system.

A hop, flop and port later, we were all back at Knights headquarters, gasping for breath and getting our wounds treated. The council was around us, with representatives from our allies, as they listened in fear to the owls report, and our analysis. Things looked grim from here, if all four horseman were unleashed, we would be hard pressed to stop them.

A sound from above began to cackle, and we all snapped to our guard. The raspy voice of War, the beaver from hell, began to issue from all around. “I know you, I know your location, your end is nigh. Say Good Night, Knights”.

Looking around, we noticed a large group of mites flying off the owls. Magic mites, tracking mites, oh cheese it to mulch, we are screwed.


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    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 

      7 years ago from Shelton

      you are indeed a story teller my friend gotta check on your other chapters :) Frank


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