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Ares KotP: To Survive

Updated on September 1, 2011

Chapter 11: ToSurvive

We watched in horror as the mites scattered through the air. With no time to spare we began to split up into groups, each group following a mite. In our heads, the call for reinforcements came, every owl, camel, stallion and peke in the compound was heading for the council room, desperate to repel the incoming invaders. A call went out for the Council Superiors to flee while they could, along with their elite bodyguard. We had to get them to safety, since not all our forces were here, they could rally the troops elsewhere if need be.

A sudden glow filled me, and I felt my power grow. A brief pause occurred as every eye turned towards me, and cheers began to go up. I had been granted High Defender Knight status. Command of the combined forces was given to me, and my power had increased substantially. I paused briefly, acknowledging the accolades, then sprang into motion. Mentally summoning the remaining forces I split the Camels and Stallions into two groups at the east and west of the room, the Pekingese in the middle, and the owls circling above. The mites had joined at this point, and began opening two portals, drawing in more and more power. All Peke’s had drawn their swords, and those with shields had equipped them as well. The Stallions hooves glowed with silver might, as they began to harness (woof!) their power. The Camels humps began to glow brown, and they pulled in power from their internal water reserves. Our plan was to hit whatever came through the portal fast and hard before it could orient itself. A raspy snarl originated from directly above, as War simply materialized in our midst. As the defenders turned towards War, the East portal opened, and Death strode through leading a charge of nightmarish figures. The West portal was opened by a horde of wererabbits followed by demon cats, banshees, and possessed mice. Boy, were we screwed.

On sudden inspiration, I gave the mental command, exerting my power to ensure immediate obedience. Every defender turned towards the West portal and unleashed everything we had, attempting to eliminate the small fry, which would prove annoying when confronting the two horsemen. My plan worked, kinda. We eliminated the West threat entirely, but as we did, War dropped in the midst of the Peke’s and attacked viciously, while Death began cutting a path through the Camels and Stallions backs.

War extended those creepy beaver teeth into two of my fellow pekes backs, causing them to scream in agony. The rest of the pekes exploded in a blur of fur not away from War, nor towards him, but into the air and the waiting clutches of the owls. The owls blurred forward almost instantaneously behind Death and his army, dropping the pekes off to force Death to split his forces to avoid behind trapped. Fur was flying, Stallions stomping, flinging power, Camels humps radiating pure liquid blue power, owls….err, were, well, what birds do when they fly overhead freshly washed car, except more explosively.

I turned towards War, and he snarled at me, furious that I had escaped him twice previously. He drew his oversized sword, raised on his tail, and taunted me to attack him. With nary a thought I blurred forward, veering off at the last second and scooping up a second sword. I magically bound both swords to my two front paws, and backflipped towards War, swinging both down diagonally towards him. For a second, there was fear in his eyes as he saw death flying towards him in the form of a 12lb ball of furious fur.

Propelling himself forward on his tail, my swords grazed his fur, with little beaver hair drifting to the floor. I turned and laughed at him, a bald beaver! Hah! He growled, turning towards me, and we squared off again, with death all around us, the fight for the survival of the defenders had begun in earnest.


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