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short Story:Are we all Same ?

Updated on July 23, 2014

There are a few things that are priceless to those I call everyday human beings. I am using freely the phrase everyday human being because those other human people, that I am referring to as non everyday or irregular, are the types that we are so often praising , adoring and trying to emulate in so many ways, that we make project then in many ways to be of super human abilities.

Regardless of the nature of their specialty, it’s usually no easy fete obtaining the level of discipline that they usually exercise each and every day, to maintain their desired levels.

I can point out a few of those , but regardless of the ones that I point out, I am most definitely one who highly respects and regard each and every one of these people on an equal level. I am equalizing it by saying a well meant gesture of, to each his own.

I cannot see any other way unless that person in question, or those people in question, are all my own children, and guess what, depending on their ages, I had better be prepared for the fight of my life and the only thing that I will have as bargaining or negotiating, is parental reasoning. For if they are grown and I can't use this phrase : not in our home! because it no longer applies.......

This is where the importance of early training is all so important and no playing around with your children, so later when they approach you with, folded fist, you are so afraid of your own work of art. How will that look? To each his own in a great family will take hold at the same time the greatness in eroding, and am afraid to say it follows through for generations after.

I have seen so many kids and young people trying their utmost, to get away from the very best place they will ever have laid eyes on, that is at home with their parents. It seen that they do this while always taking the wrong approach. That is leaving on a bad note.

These are all the types of actions that which undoubtedly leads to our future adults adopting all kinds of outlandish attitudes, because on top of their own, and I will love to refer to it as damnation, or curse, they are voluntarily surrendering themselves to the whims and fancies of an unforgiving life l they can only set themselves and all those around them backwards, or the place where they are heading is already going backwards, that’s why is so attractive.

Those are not the type of places and times any youngster wants to go out, playing around with. The best way for any child who wants to leave their home permanently, is with the blessings of their parents.

And with that, here are some of those attracting human friendly activities great people usually all have in common.

Things like transcendental meditation. Yoga, martial arts, deep exercises, deep spirituality, love of parents, deep un wavering belief, even if it’s in things that are not on the human norm list.

It is extremely important to know your self in many ways different and sincere, that many of those around you. You may hear me referring to my parents quite a lot that is because of my overall understanding of the roles of parents, when that role has been properly carried out. There are no excuses for the children, and even if something is later found. You are alive, handle it!

Things that makes your body completes are what separate the men from the boys and the ladies /women from the girls. When those heights are reached, you shall witness thirst being quenched with much more things than water. I will do a part two of this, to show how you can easily control who you are.


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