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Updated on September 1, 2012

Everywhere I go there’s an argument ‘bout the government or the environment
People startin’ to hate one another turnin’ on their own brother

They’re sayin’ you’re not welcome in their home
If you don’t beat their drum or wherever they’re coming from

I can’t find a place for my own mind ‘cause everybody’s tellin’ me I’m blind
I wonder what I would find if I was so inclined to take back what I consigned

You know I can’t take care of someone else because I can’t take care of myself
Maybe someone else can put food on my shelf ‘cause it won’t appear by itself

I could sit here and draw you near and whisper in your ear
You may agree or disagree but we only hear what we want to hear
Are you ready for the truth to appear?

There’s a boy sellin’ drugs fightin’ off thugs who want his corner
There’s an old man forgettin’ who he was or who we are
You can’t blame anybody for how they think
They grew up too fast and can only pick at their scar

Are you tryin’ to ruin the life of someone you’ll never meet?
Why can’t you live and forgive and give someone your seat?
Is it so hard to give a dollar rather than holler about someone on the street
They ain’t stealin’ nothin’ but your dignity while they walk in bare feet

I could sit here and feed your fear
About the same man who was beggin’ last year
Are you ready for him to disappear?

Pour me some wine or turn it back to water, whatever you think you can do
I’m not really too sure about your ways but we can be sure that what we endure
Is just a lot of talk by people who won’t walk except to draw on the sidewalk
I wonder who carries the chalk while the hands race to twelve o’clock?


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