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Arousing Bethany by Ellie Jones

Updated on October 7, 2013
Kindle Edition only $0.99
Kindle Edition only $0.99 | Source

Arousing Bethany

book review

Author - Ellie Jones

Title - Arousing Bethany

Stars - 5

Arousing Bethany:

Disenchanted with her meddling mother, and nursing a shattered heart, Bethany Wright is determined to do something about it, and maybe teach her mother a lesson at the same time.

Too late, she realizes the eye-catching guy at her front door was not sent by Mom.


Arousing Bethany is a short story but an excellent read. This blistering romance from Ellie Jones is undoubtedly a contender to put you in the mood for your very own romantic interlude.

The plot has appealing dialogue, a smattering of humour, excellent descriptions, and of course, the obligatory, stunning hunk. The accounts are breath-taking, and about as steamy as you get.

Arousing Bethany is an interesting story involving the frustrations between a daughter, an interfering mother, and a disasterous marriage. The plot extends beyond physical attraction, and influences the realms of the heart. As with all Ellie Jones books, emotion plays a big part in the story, while humorous quips inject balance, and act as an important foil for all the heavy stuff. All in all, a well-written book, well worth a look.

Extract from Arousing Bethany

She reminded herself he was only there because of her mother.

There had been an electrician to mend lights that Bethany didn’t know were wrong, and a mysterious plumber who wouldn’t take her word for it that the toilet flushed perfectly.

“But your mother told me to wait around for an hour or so,” he told her. “She paid me in advance as well. She says it only happens every now and then.”

Bethany had firmly turned him away, of course, like all of the others, even though his gaze never left her while he talked. But that was partly her fault for being caught wearing a tight top with no bra beneath.

She enjoyed the attention it brought, though.

This last scheme was over the top even for mother. Bethany had mistakenly opened a letter intended for Mom.

To her horror it was from a dating agency, confirming her application had been accepted and that a list of suitable males would be forwarded at a later date. Bethany had studied it with dismay.

She felt guilty at reading Mom’s mail, yet angry that Mom should be so interfering. Why couldn’t she just let her sort out her life in her own way?

She tried to re-seal the envelope but even after a lot of careful messing about, it still looked obvious that it had been opened. Later that day she had sneaked into the office while the ward-sister was busy, typed out another envelope, and re-posted the letter.

It had arrived. Nothing had been said. Mom had hidden it well away with no mention.

Now it was a few days hence and Bethany was getting decidedly nervous. Each time the door-bell or telephone rang she jumped. Whenever a man passed the end of their parking lot, she shrank into a corner. It was becoming too much and her nerves were frayed. She was going to have to bring it out into the open soon and tell her mother she didn’t want to have dates provided by her, blind or otherwise, and that she was quite capable of finding a guy by herself… when the time was right.

However, this morning, Mom quite mysteriously announced she would be out for the evening. “So you’ll have to entertain yourself,” she said.

Bethany didn’t say much, but was very suspicious. Mom never went out. She deduced she was being set up for another ‘surprise’ visit. Well if Mom could be like this, so could she. She would treat this as a sexual gift. She would think of it as Mom treating her to a good man.


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