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Art Book Reviews: Drawing And Painting The Undead By Keith Thompson

Updated on January 28, 2014

Drawing And Painting The Undead

 A book that I recently bought, Drawing and Painting The Undead By Keith Thompson is a fantastically inspiring book filled with solid illustrations with some how to draft the initial drawings or sketches first and then in the best way the examples let you make your own way of discovering the hows to draw your own undead creatures based on the inspiring illustrations that you see in this book.

Although I've never heard of Keith Thompson before, his artwork does ring a bell or at least it is similar to someone else's artwork that brings with it a sense of careful draft work and fine art once the art has been completed, in true fantasy creation style we see the rough sketches and random ideas burst out into magnificently rendered finished pieces of art, full of energy and colour, as well as some fantastic images of horror.

The book itself goes through drawing a couple of the classics like Vampires, Wraiths and then towards the end it shows some old myth type undead creatures I've never ever heard of, which makes for an interesting and unique book, such creatures as Lilin, which is supposedly an old nod to the bible with Adams first wife Lilin, although I think it's a pure fantasy slant on traditional bible stories that make it a great concept, a weird creature with 6 breasts, no arms and almost a wyrm like body.

I've found the book to be a brilliant boost to my drawing sketching of late and it is after all books like these that you do feel a part of and immersing yourself into the world of another artist is truly fascinating and wonderful when you can spark and idea of someone else's art.

The quick drawings of the Wraith is a good example of this as I was inspired by it and started to draw some wraith sketches and they just looked quite good (I will upload them here, just as soon as I get my scanner fixed..pesky thing!)

At 125 pages minus 3 pages for the indexes and the book credits, this book is a great and inspiring resource into the undead world of characters that you could draw or even create some unique ideas of your own out of viewing this book.

The book is available to buy on Amazon below!

Drawing And Painting The Undead Book

Drawing and painting the undead book by Keith Thompson.    Image source -
Drawing and painting the undead book by Keith Thompson. Image source -

Drawing The Undead

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