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Article Writing-Adopting Ideas From Other Sources Into Yours

Updated on December 26, 2013

There is not anything like an original idea or a perfect idea. Everyone or if you like every artiste adopts ideas and put them into their own work. It is how well you are able to merge the adopted ideas into your own work that makes you a professional and good at what you do. It tells how much you understand the concept of your work.

The variety of ideas that an artiste adopts and put into his or her work becomes the taste of the writer and his target group.

Let us first consider a moviemaker who uses different elements such as sci-fi, action, adventure and skillfully blend them as one concept in his movie. With his skill and knowledge, he connects these individual elements so well that it makes sense to the viewer and makes the viewer feel whole to have all that they need or are interested in under in one package. The product becomes his favorite because everything of interest to them is found in one thing or within one movie package. He or she does not see them separately – that is the different ideas, no matter how divers they are have been intricately connected (woven together) so well.

With the above concept, the writer also gets to capture and skillfully put together the favorite themes and scenes of the target viewer and use it to tell his or her story. In this case, the writer possesses the skills of putting the ideas together so well that each individual part of the whole idea cannot do without the other. That they seem inseparable at least in the eyes of a non-professional. The individual elements seem inseparable until another artiste – another skillful artiste- is able to break the compact ideas down, and pick his favorites and reconnects them to other ideas picked from elsewhere.

When people with skills in other areas of art use different elements and skillfully blend them into their work, it makes their work so appealing.

Below I have elaborated some of the advantages of adopting other ideas into your work. You will also learn not to plagiarize other people’s materials and know how to skillfully absorb other ideas into your and group them appropriately.

Makes working with old drafts interesting

Usually, working with old drafts can be boring. As you come up with new ideas, previously drafted ideas become outdated. This makes working with old draft ideas boring. It could take away a writer’s confidence in his own ideas and leave a writer’ unable to publish his or her works. When you adopt ideas from other written materials by other sources. It re-inspires the writer and gives him confidence in his ideas. He is able to find other ideas that confirm his or her own thoughts and premonitions.

Generating more ideas

Adopting ideas from other materials helps the writer to reflect on his or her own thoughts and generate more interesting ideas to support his assertions.

Rich and interesting to read

When you adopt ideas from other sources, you are able to attach a variety of examples to your content that makes your article rich (in ideas) and interesting to read. You can also fuse into your content technical words that will make your content sound more professional and interesting to read.

You are able to engage reading audience of different experiences

Being able to quote references from a variety of sources helps you to engage readers from all sort of knowledge backgrounds. You can have many people relating to your work. You would have a variety of examples that a variety of people with experiences can relate to. It helps to make your article interesting to read as you get to have a variety of examples and references. You can quote examples that readers can connect to.

You can build credibility as a professional writer.

It helps to build credibility y as a professional writer when you can quote references from other credible sources. This makes your target readers know that your ideas are actually based on facts and that you did not just dream them up. You give readers confidence in your work because you make them aware that you have really researched on your work.

Learning new stuff and improving your writing Skills.

Writing is a learning process. When you write without learning any new thing new, you normally do not see the real essence of writing. The whole process even becomes boring. This means that, when you learn about new stuff in writing, it really makes the writing process entertaining. It makes you always want to write. Adopting ideas from other sources, helps you to acquire new ideas related to your topic of interest and equip yourself with more vocabularies, connecting phrases and keywords pertaining to your topic which can be used in your subsequent works. Merging or adopting other ideas into your articles helps you to improve in writing article after article. The more you improve in writing, the more confident you become in churning out and publishing your ideas.

Learn New ways of expressing your ideas.

You get to come up with new ways of expressing yourself. And this makes the writing process interesting as well. You can create a unique pattern of arrangement that will make your content unique from other people’s works. The more the writing process becomes interesting, the more you are able to escape the writer’s block.

Plagiarizing other people’s materials is not the same as adopting ideas into your wok.

There is a difference between adopting ideas into your work and plagiarizing other people’s Ideas. When you plagiarize ideas or the works that others have done, your work ceases to gain respect from your target group. Unless your target group are so naïve that they do not know of the existence of other works.

Below I have provided some guidelines on how you can avoid plagiarizing other people’s works.

Read and research extensively to gain confidence e in your ideas.

In order to avoid plagiarizing and rather adopt ideas into your own, you should try to research extensively on your topic. Not only will you learn new ideas but you will also get to confirm your own ideas and gain confidence to publish your work. When you research extensively on your topic, you get to discover a unique pattern of discourse that you can use to make your own content unique from other written sources. Researching extensively on your topic also helps you to compare your own ideas pertaining to the topic to what others have written. This will make your own come out unique.

Researching extensively on your topic also helps you to discover new patterns of description as well as a variety of vocabularies that naturally blends in your own discussion to form a unique method.

Researching extensively on your topic before writing should also help you discover or find your own voice. This should influence or guide even bend any form of idea that you discover in other materials to suit your own objective.

You should also read extensively on your topic so that you can have great knowledge about the topic and be able to blend different ideas intricately as if they were one piece. It’s a lot easier to hide your sources and make your work unique when you read extensively.

Develop your own rules for arranging your ideas

You should also develop your own pattern of idea arrangement in writing your articles. When you develop your own rules that governs your idea arrangement, it is easier to make your content unique from other sources that you adopt ideas from. This will also help you to control and manipulate the ideas and avoid the ideas that you pick from other sources have control over you.

Software to use

In writing, you can use Instant Article Wizard to search for ideas online. It is one of the best writing software. The software itself acts as search engine and can search different sources and search engines on the internet.

Pick from a variety of sources to hide your sources.

When adopting idea from other sources, try as much as possible to pick from a variety of sources so that yourself can be unique from what has already been done by other artiste.

Another disadvantage of picking ideas from other sources is that you may not be able to blend smoothly the individual ideas together. If you do not possess the skill or merging compactly together ideas picked from other sources, then you should not try in the first place. You should simply stick to the creative writing or spontaneous writing method. Write your ideas as they occur to you. It would be easier for you to arrange and connect your ideas if they are really from you.

Below are some few guidelines to also help you to group or blend your ideas.

Group subtitles and select the best possible one

Try to track your ideas or the variety of ideas with subtitles so that it’s easier for you to group and arrange them. Using MS word for this task should make it easier. This should enable you to create an interactive outline of your page. You would be able to rank your subtitles when a particular idea can further be broken down into sub ideas.

After subtitling your ideas with MS word, enabling the outline feature of the page and choosing the title levels should make you see only the title and subtitles on the page. This would help you to easily move the titles up or down to group them appropriately along with the ideas pertaining to each subtitle. Try to group the subtitles and ideas to your person arrangement pattern that conforms to your own thought pattern and objective/agenda. You can also adopt a unique pattern of arrangement that conforms to the thought pattern of your reading audience. This would make your content unique from other written materials.

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.


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