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Article Writing Guidelines

Updated on August 21, 2011

Article Writing Guidelines – Useful Tips for Writing Great Articles

It’s absolutely necessary that an article meets the article writing guidelines because there are a plethora of varied topics, people and publishers which the article can be targeted for, and guidelines can be varied as much. Writing good articles is an art and guidelines to writing article are the discipline. Here are some useful tips for writing effective articles on any topic:

Think Before You Write

There are many things to keep in mind when you write an article. First and foremost you need to develop an idea of what you’re going to write even before starting the actual writing. You need to choose how much you’re going to cover on the topic and then make a format and outline of the article. It must look like that the content you wrote came from a subject matter expert. You should not sound dull, under-confident or informatively incorrect at any point. If you do not know thoroughly about the topic, research on it first. The reliability of an article is really important if you want to build loyal, regular readers.

If you’re writing something that’s already been posted on some very popular website, then you’re not going to get many hits on your page, because readers search for the most unique and latest information. Also, outdated information may well be removed by webmasters or put in archives, so take care of that when writing articles. Only write articles about new, fresh and hot topics. You should always have something different to offer to the audience.

Keep a Human Touch in Your Articles

Include the key points that the readers are going to search for. By valuing their interest you can attract more readers. See things from the reader’s perspective and include content accordingly. Keep the content short, concise and easily scan-able to the human eyes. You should always include more informative and important content in the first paragraph. Remember, most of all, readers demand correctness and quality. Convince the reader that there’s a real human behind the article. The reader should feel connected to the author. You should avoid being monotonic. Empathize when needed; give correct weight age to the correct words at the correct place. To enhance human touch, you can include healthy humor at times. Keep in mind that people remember how you make them feel more than what you said.

Don’t think of posting articles without getting them reviewed. Always do the proofreading or get it done by some expert. Make sure articles comply with the article writing guidelines. Varied reviews will always help improve the quality.

If you keep above article writing guidelines in mind, you will surely be on your way to becoming a successful content writer!


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