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Article Writing-Work First Before Reward

Updated on December 26, 2013


All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

Remember that doing the same thing repeatedly could feel so boring and stressful. Even the things that you love doing such fun activities could feel boring when you do them repeatedly. Always writing and not having time to relax or for recreation could make the writing process boring. To enjoy your work as a writer, you will need to create leisure periods. Take a break from your work from time to time and be engaged in fun activities to relax the mind. This will not only make the writing interesting but also help you to discover more ideas to support your assertions. The most important ideas do not always come the longer hours you spend behind your computer.

Rewarding yourself at the initial stages of your writing

It's good to have something to do in between the process of writing in order to make the writing interesting and to prevent the writer's block. Sometimes the flow in writing or fluency does not come in the beginning as you start writing. It may take some time before you peak or gain fluency and escape the writer's block as well.

There are ways you can guide your thoughts or your mind into its peak of fluency stage in order to churn out more ideas than you expected. You can begin the writing gradually. First, divide your writing into sections and lead yourself or your mind into its fluency state.

You can write more if you reward yourself from time to time. You can also get more words to write about if you reward yourself from time to time as you write. After turning your writing process into sections, try to reward yourself with any of your favorite recreational activities like reading an interesting material (mostly unrelated to your current content) or even playing a video game or listening to music after every section you complete. It makes the writinginteresting and less boring.

You may start rewarding yourself after every one session of the work done. When you start to enjoy the writing (thanks to the reward) and you will notice that you will even be doing three or more sessions before you reward yourself. This will continue until you eventually forget about even rewarding yourself. The work itself becomes an achievement and the reward. It replaces the fun activities. The fun now turns into the joy of achieving the objective of the work - you will then find yourself unable to stop writing.

Guiding your thoughts to its peak stage

Rewarding yourself from the initial stages of the work helps to make the work or in this case writing a hobby. Psychologically, you enjoy the work because it becomes a ticket or key that opens up doors to your favorite activities. It can be a bit slow initially or when beginning the daily work, but using this method can gradually guide you to your peak stage of fluency and you will find yourself unable to stopwriting. You may even not want to take a break and reward yourself for the work done. You do not become aware of the passing hours or how long you have sat behind your computer. The work becomes so enjoyable. When the work itself becomes the reward, it becomes enjoyable. You will notice that you are reaching your peak when it takes longer before you reward yourself.

You will need to work to appreciate the reward- Creating leisure periods need discipline

Pain makes us appreciate happiness as night makes us appreciate day. So for you to even appreciate or continue to love what you lovedoing especially recreational activities, you will need to work. You will need to work to be able to appreciate the reward or achievement.

Do not get stuck in your fun relaxing activities

However, recreational activities could steal your productive time as well. You must therefore be much disciplined and stick to your work and leisure schedules. Be strict with yourself and maintain total control over your schedule.

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