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Article Writing as SEO Strategy

Updated on March 5, 2016

Why Write Articles?

Presently, one of the most effective SEO methods is article writing. A well-written article containing optimized keywords and strategic links can go a long way in driving traffic to your ecommerce site. There are a number of advantages when you promote an ecommerce site with the help of articles. First of all, an article doesn’t cost you money if you can write one yourself. Secondly, an original article which is SEO optimized can remain on a server for a number of years, which is definitely more enduring and cost-effective than a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign for your website.

Hence, articles offer you benefits which are virtually life-long. You only require submitting them in a variety of directories, which will enable search engines such as Google and Yahoo to retrieve your article, once someone’s search query matches your keywords. However, a point to remember regarding keywords is that making your article keyword-rich may not always be the correct SEO strategy. The text of the article needs to have quality content which will appeal to the visitors. If you're writing reviews about movies, keep irrelevant keywords out and include quality content.

Linking your Article

Articles written to promote your ecommerce site should be linked to your website too, as the links will help in boosting your website traffic. Generally, an article is submitted to an article submission site or article directory. You can write a single article to promote a particular product or service, or you can submit a number of related articles, each of which markets a specific product. These SEO articles will contain a handful of hyperlinks which links to your ecommerce site. This method of back-linking through articles is one of the most successful SEO strategies on the internet today.

Besides quality content, what's your most preferred SEO strategy?

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Diverse Linking Strategy

It is recommended that you deploy the Diverse Linking Strategy for your articles. This method requires you to submit several articles to a variety of article submission sites, and each of those articles is back-linked to your website. By embracing this strategy, you can rest assured that your page-rank will always be consistent. Equally important are the keywords, because effective keywords will make your article appear on the first page on Google or Yahoo.

What‘s more, using the right phrases as your keywords can get you a great page rank. All you need to do is seamlessly integrate the keywords in your article, ensuring that the article quality is not compromised because of the keywords. If your article becomes popular, not only will your ecommerce site’s traffic increase, other bloggers might pick up your article for their website, which translates to more back-links to your website!

What is White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO?

The Best 'White Hat' Strategy

Besides being one of the best SEO strategies on the web today, article writing is an uncontroversial SEO strategy too. Most ‘White Hat’ SEO techniques integrate article writing and an article with good content doesn’t require ‘Black Hat’ techniques such as ‘Cloaking’ or ‘Hidden Texts’. Hence search engines will never penalize your articles by reducing the page rank or remove the listing.

For successfully promoting your ecommerce website, all you need are fresh articles about your products on a regular basis which are keyword optimized and back-linked. The articles should also be informative as well as relevant to the products or services put up on your website. This will ensure your website receives a continuous stream of visitors and you continue making loads of money.


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