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As My Wipers Went..."AFLaCK....AFLACK....AFLACK!!

Updated on March 15, 2011


As The Wipers Went Aflack, Aflack, Aflack....GOOSE!!


"So I was in my car,
cruising a bit too fast,
on a very snow stormy
flurry filled night.

The lights on my vehicle
were barely cutting a swath
through the thick white haze,
when in a split second
a large goose
dressed like some kind
of a strange lawn ornament,
stepped out in front of me.

My brakes were useless
the road a long gray slip and slide,
and so with a loud crump,
white feathers blended
with downy flakes of snow.

I jumped out of the car,
as soon as I stopped,
and ran back to
see if I could help,
but she was surrounded
by characters
all giving comfort.

Some guy who said
his name was Jack
picked her up and
carried her up a hill,
while  his friend Jill
held a white t-shirt
on the gooses bleeding wing.

They passed a mailbox
that said Hubbard,
and turned in heading
towards the house.
It looked like there was
nobody home but some
guy who was a neighbor
who called himself, Horner
let us in with a spare key.

He quickly had us sit her
down in a corner
on a large tuffet,
he was plum tickled
to be of help.

All of a sudden like,
a young boy in his nightgown
was running upstairs and down,
crying out for the old lady of the house.

I ran to the cupboards in the kitchen
to see if there were any first aid kits,
but the shelves were all bare.

Then an old lady hobbled in,
followed by a very lean dog,
and she was shouting,
"Wee Willie, you get back in bed,"

She boiled some water,
and said bye to some baby bunting
as she dropped it in the hot liquid.

Then she served us all patty-cakes,
as she bandaged up the goose,
then put her in a big flower bed
within walls of marble as white as milk.

She begged us all stay the night,
and so we did until the next morning
when some cat came
fiddling out of the barn,
and woke us all up.

We left after making sure
the patient was all right,
and that's how Mother Goose
got to live on
happily ever after.

I woke up with a
thumping, throbbing headache,
the front end of my car,
wrapped around a tree,
skid marks stretching
to the road and beyond.
there was no driveway
anywhere in sight,
or any Hubbard house,
or Horner house either.
just endless snow
and a single white feather
stuck in the crack of my hood,
fluttering gaily in the wind.


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