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As We Descended the Church Tower

Updated on April 6, 2016

As we descended the Church Tower you said something that surprised me.

A casual throw-away- but it caused me to bleed.

One wonders why...

another speaks up without intent to edify?

Aren't we here to love one another...?

And ought it not to have been the case that I should expect encouragement from a brother??

As we walked the streets, a more awkward than sincere apology?

Further on no mention, I will just have to let it be.

In hindsight I am just glad for the foreign presence.

It would have been more humiliating had your words had an understanding audience.

Alas, all of me has been hard earned- through joys and through pains.

- I'm not sorry if any of it brings your disdain.

I don't believe you could say I am not loving and kind.

But too often my brother, we let fussyness divide

- and worse demoralise.

When did we stop rejoicing that you and me are both in Christ?!

But you would not know why your words bother me so.

For I had recognized you as someone with a similar soul.

It's very rare to meet someone as quirky as I and I had supposed we were of similar mind.

But if that's not the case, I do still find

You have made me glad to remember there are other quirked people in life!


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