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As You Wish

Updated on January 26, 2012

There was a time when our eyes first met,

and the first time we kissed I'll never forget.

Not long after that have I had but one dream,

to never be without you, nor you without me.

And as the days go by to you I must confess,

without you in my arms, my heart is a mess.

I promise you my love, and my love I promise this,

anything for you, for you, as you wish.

And only in time will these words be true,

I love you, I really, really do.

I will show you each day until the end of all time,

that my love for you will never, ever die.

Not a moment goes by nor a single thought untouched,

by the love we share.

Without your love,

I'd be crushed.

Every day from now and since our first kiss,

my heart has been yours and your heart I have missed.

And soon we will wedd,

and our dream will come true.

You'll never be without me,

nor me without you.


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