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Asterix the Gaul (Book #1)

Updated on April 13, 2012

On the age of the Roman empires dominance all Gaul (now France) was under the rule of the Roman Empire, all except one tiny village on the tip of Gaul. This is the story of our hero who is an inhabitant of this small, peaceful village. These villagers love wild boar and a good fight but most of all they love to beat up Romans.

The Druid who lives in this village brews up this magic potion which gives the drinker super human strength. With this potion these villager have managed to keep this little town on the edge of Gaul free from Roman occupation.But, this is just the beginning... there are allot of adventures of our hero "Asterix" 

The Plot

The Centurion of camp of Compendium "Crismus Bonus" is curious on how these Goals get their super human strength. To find out this secret Crismus Bonus send a Roman Spy to find out the secret. After successfully getting the trust of the villagers the spy finds out the secret of the magic potion which the "Druid Getafix" brews up.

Crismus Bonus after the spies report plans to kidnap the Druid and make the potion for himself so that he can one day overthrow "Julius Caesar" and take over Rome. So, the druid gets kidnapped while on a stroll in the forest. After noticing the druid has not returned "Asterix" goes in search of the Druid ad finally finds him as a captive of Crismus Bonus. Asterix and the Druid Getafix agrees to brew the magic potion for the Centurion and ultimately brews a potion which made the drinkers hair & beard grow.

After the Centurions pleading ends our heroes agree to brew the potion and again brews the same potion with the real magic potion for them to drink. With this happening in the camp Asterix and the Druid tries to break out from the camp just to find a huge army at the gates of the camp Compendium. Leading the army was Julius Caesar! Out Heroes explain the plot of the Centurion to overthrow Julius Caesar and take over Rome and after hearing this the Gauls were set free and the Centurion and his troops were assigned to a garrison far from Rome.

The Story ends with Asterix and th Druid Getafix returning to the village and a great feast as a village tradition.


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Asterix the Gaul Movie Part 1


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      7 years ago

      nice writng ! keep going ...:)


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