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At Long Last Inseperable.

Updated on January 3, 2010


At Long Last, Inseparable.



Sitting for endless

hours in a dank hole,

malnourished and old

for his 22 years,

his only delight

was a tiny beam of light,

that illuminated

the dark shadows

in which he was bound

He basked in

its warm rays,

as his soul fled

from captivity

sun-ward bound.


Eventually the light

in his own eyes faded,

leaving a flesh prison behind.

They uncovered his bones

about seven years later,

identified and boxed them in

flag draped, stainless steel,

and then shipped them home.

Back to the airport he had

so long ago left from,

where his parents would

arrive to claim him,

son-ward bound.

Not much later,

about four years apart,

his mom and then his dad,

shook off the pain of his loss,

in long shuddering final breaths.

Eager in so many ways for a reunion,

their spirits rose to a common goal,

to a heaven far beyond earth's woes,

sun-ward bound, son-ward bound.




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    • pbwriterchick profile image

      pbwriterchick 8 years ago

      So sad! No parent should ever have to lose their kid. I hope my kids die mom-ward bound.. :)