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At My Cabin Perched Just Above The World's Chaos.

Updated on January 13, 2010

In the balmy bliss

of an April dusk,

I sit and ponder

my blessings granted
as a lovely tangerine

glow is squeezed

from the last quarter

of a very fruitful day.

All around me

creatures ready

for the long nights

rest ahead.

Birds puff up

their feathered coats
and nestle in the

Y's of budding limbs.

Chipmunks disappear

into tiny caves of dirt,
in brown, and

white streaks.

Brown rabbits

chew contentedly
in the tall grass

of my pasture
on a late night

snack of greens,
safe from predators above.

Crickets scratch

out hip-hop rhythms
as earthworms

slither out to bask
in the steamy asphalt

warmth of my drive.

A stray cat scuttles

through my hedges,
his whiskered face

betraying disappointment
at his hunger denied

by a fleet winged

robin's escape.

There is poetry


in the very air

around me,
nature is the

ultimate muse,
and my pencil sorely

lacks in comparison.

So.... I close my

latest chapbook,
one of my many

pals for years,
and answer the

 call of my pillow,
where the last part

of the alphabet
I'll be writing tonight,







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