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At the Mental Hospital

Updated on September 8, 2015

Mental Hospital

Mental Hospital
Mental Hospital | Source

Psychiatric hospitals are institutions that specialize in treating mental disorders, including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, etc…some hospitals specialize in the temporary treatment of low risk patients, while others may specialize in long term of permanent treatment of patients who require a controlled environment due to their disorder. Some patients are admitted voluntarily, while those that may possess significant danger due to their disorder may be admitted under involuntary commitment.

Living a Life on their Own World

Mentally Ill Patients
Mentally Ill Patients | Source

The Mentally Ill

¨Are you going to take me out of here, ¨ She asked.

¨I can´t, ¨I replied.

¨It´s not too difficult; there is a whole on the wall right there; you just have to wait outside and pull me out, ¨ she supplicated.

¨I really can´t, ¨I said categorically.

She turned around and joined other group of mentally ill. I was a strange person strolling by the sinuous patio roads. Everywhere I turn my sight; there was someone or some doing strange gestures or removing lice off their heads, as monkeys do. Some of them would walk towards me and gave me a smile full of sarcasm or some other remark, as if I were a very strange person for them.

Some one spotted me and came near me and said;

¨I know you, she has told me about you, ¨ a girl said.

Another Reality

Mentally Ill
Mentally Ill | Source

Psychiatric Institution

Is it preferable for the mentally ill to be treated at home?

See results

Apparently, Some of Them Seem Normal

I did not say anything; I turned my sight around looking for someone until I finally spotted her and headed towards her. Twenty meters separated me from her and as I approached, many thoughts crossed my mind;

How could someone fall into this situation; apparently some of them seem normal, but once they start talking, they begin to show the real world in which they have plunged by their own desire or the desire of others. Reality for them is different from the reality outside the institution. All of them seem to be in the same frequency, performing the daily routines and talking about topics that interest them or only they understand, but that are part of their quotidianity.

She was sitting down on the floor drawing wheels with her finger over the ground. She saw me sideways, but did not stopped drawing concentric circles on the floor.

¨Cathy? ¨ I called her.

¨Ah, John! That´s you, ¨ she answered with disinterest.

¨I brought this basketball with me; let´s play basketball, ¨ I urged her.

Control Psychiatric Drugs

Psychiatric Drugs
Psychiatric Drugs | Source

Withdrawn and Lifeless

She stared at me with weariness, but made the effort to stand up. We headed to the basketball court, which was just a few feet from us. I was going to ask stupid questions like; how do you feel today? However, I restrained my curiosity, knowing that she was not having a good time being there. I threw the ball into the basket, expecting that she would grab the ball over and gave me battle on the court; instead of that, she grabbed the ball with languishment and exclaimed;

¨Oh, John! ¨ some other day.

At that very moment someone called aloud;


She and I walked towards the person calling aloud. She was a nurse in charge of giving the patients their daily dose of control psychiatric drugs.

Types of Schizophrenia

  • Catatonic Schizophrenia
  • Disorganized Schizophrenia
  • Paranoid Schizophrenia
  • Residual Schizophrenia
  • Undifferentiated Schizophrenia

Some Type of Schizophrenia

¨I still have some from yesterday, ¨ Cathy said.

¨You don´t have to take those pills if you do not feel mentally ill, Cathy, ¨ I suggested.

¨I have to do it, everybody does here, ¨ she answered categorically.

¨What´s that pill for? ¨ I inquired.

¨For some type of schizophrenia, ¨ she answered.

I remained silent thinking about what I have heard about the disease. The disease included various symptoms some of which I had not notice in her. Disorganization and lack of motivation were some of the most noticeable but hallucinations, delusions and disorganized speech I could barely remember having noticed them in her.

Admitted in the Hospital

On the Road
On the Road | Source

On Our Way to the Psychiatric Hospital

A week earlier, her parents and I were riding on a car heading directly to the mental institution.

¨It´s for your own good, ¨ her mother would say.

Her father remained quiet and confirm what her mother would say. I would turn my head to Cathy and she would only give me a look of resentment, but did not say anything. I was the one who was in charge of her and they needed my signature in order to get Cathy admitted in the hospital.

We got there and entered until we got to the Psychiatrist office. He asked Cathy a few questions and then took her into his office. After some minutes later, he came with a diagnosis, which required her to be hospitalized. I had to sign some documents and two hours later, after the last good byes, we left the institution without Cathy.

People With Schizophrenia

Alice Battenberg
Alice Battenberg | Source

Living a Life on Her Own

¨I´m not crazy, ¨ someone said besides me.

I turned around and saw the face of a beautiful woman in her 20´s who seem normal, but would only notice some kind of madness in her speech.

¨I assure you I am not mad. My family got me here because they hate me. If you help me get out of here, I can pay you for that. I live in such residential neighborhood…, ¨ she said.

¨I can´t take you out of here, ¨ I thought, without responding to her pleadings.

By the end of the day, I had been implored the same request a number of times. I continued visiting the place and Cathy for a few weeks. Finally, I took her out of there and the treatment continued at home. She has made some progress and has to be taking drugs for control. In addition, she is living a life of her own.

Facts About Schizophrenia

With proper treatment and care, people with schizophrenia can live a satisfying life

Genetic, chemical and brain abnormalities are some of the factors contributing to schizophrenia

Symptoms usually occur in women in between their 20´s and 30´s and in men in their late teens and early 20´s.

Schizophrenia rarely occurs in children, although, some rare cases in children as young as 5 years old have been reported

Some suffering from schizophrenia perceives confusing images, sounds and thoughts

Living With Schizophrenia


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  • unvrso profile image

    Jose Juan Gutierrez 24 months ago from Mexico City

    Thanks for reading and commenting. I`ll check on amazon about a copy of your book.

  • Reynold Jay profile image

    Reynold Jay 24 months ago from Saginaw, Michigan

    Great article and lots of good writing. I checked out your profile too. Well done Keep these gems coming.

    I dedicated my life to working with the mentally handicapped. 33 years and loved every minute of it. Wrote a book called "Lean against the Wind" about it too. If you want a copy, let me know. Or pick it up on Amazon.

  • unvrso profile image

    Jose Juan Gutierrez 2 years ago from Mexico City

    THanks for reading and commenting Blossom. That is correct, with medication and dedication, people can overcome the disease,

  • BlossomSB profile image

    Bronwen Scott-Branagan 2 years ago from Victoria, Australia

    It is a dreadful disease, but with medication balanced most people seem to be able to learn to cope with it and go home to live fairly normal lives where they can be loved and feel comfortable.