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Attack of the Clones

Updated on November 10, 2013

Human cloning had become common place, it was an effective way to eliminate disease. The process was still being refined: occasionally someone would come out with an extra ear, but by the large the process appeared to be as effective as normal birth. However it didn’t stop people being paranoid, there were stories of clones literally going completely bonkers. Couples were paranoid about each other. Only the police held the information and they remained tight lipped about it, until something went wrong.

Walt sat drinking his cup of coffee, Samuel smiled. His robot arm lifting the coffee pot lid.

“May I recommend you stop drinking caffeine you have had twice your daily recommended allowance.”

“Ha, just twice?” grunted Walt shaking. Samuel’s emotion chip kicked in.

“Is something bothering you?”

“You wouldn’t understand...” said Walt pouring more sugar into his coffee. “Sir you have had half your daily allowance of sugar...”

“Let me stop you right there, I don’t care Samuel understand? You piece of metal.”

“Is something bothering you sir?” said Samuel his mechanical eyebrows rising and falling in a sympathetic way.

“Even if it was I am not about to unload to a robot.”

“Sir, let me remind you I am an X-T 2000 with an emotion chip...”

“Great so you’re a blender with feelings.”
“I am much more than just a blender, I have three thousand different functions, including the ability to gut fish...”

“Spare me the sales talk...” said Walt standing up. His body was shaking from the excess caffeine, he could feel his heart racing too.

“Sir where are you going?”

“What are you my wife?” asked Walt. “Shut up and start dinner.”

“Yes sir, we are having chicken Tikka tonight, I sourced the herbs at the market earlier this week.”

“You went to the market?” said Walt.

“With Sarah...” chimed Samuel.

“Stop smiling,” said Walt, “and get on and cook my dinner, before I take you back to the market and sell you there.”

“As you wish sir,” said Samuel, the smile disappearing from his face. “I have to say sir that hurt my feelings....” said Samuel quietly.

“You don’t have feelings, you have a tiny little chip that I will tell you to switch off if you don't shut up.”

“Understood sir,” said Samuel and he went over to the counter and started chopping vegetables.

Walt stood with his blaster in one hand, held in his atmospheric suit. Soot and debri splintered from the mine shaft walls.

“You seem awfully quiet today Walt, what’s bothering you?”

“I think Sarah might be one of them....”

“Oh dude, come on Sarah, really? Why do you think that?” asked Dranbon.

“We went to her parent’s house last week, and there were like no pictures of her at all before the age of five. I asked her mum about it and she told me she was adopted.”

“So that doesn’t make her a clone.”

“I know but I just, got this gut feeling, I can’t explain it. She is suspicious, her behaviour is sporadic, unpredictable, you know. You hear these stories about people being grown and then having their organs harvested, then just being left to rot whilst the 'real them' lives on.

"So you think someone harvested one of your wife's organs whilst she was a child to help the 'real' her to live... Then just dumped her into the system."

"She has a small cut across her thigh, when I asked her about it she wouldn't tell me."

“It wasn’t just that I found peticolon in the cupboard, you know clones often have problems in their colon.”

“Come on seriously, I have problems with my colon too, does that make me a clone Walt? Clones aren’t that bad anyway,”

“Tell that to Martle.... where is he now, cause I forgot?” Said Wait sarcastically.

“He’s dead,” said Dranbon quietly.

“Indeed,” said Walt. “Right that’s me done for the day.”

Upon arriving home he was once again greeted by Samuel.

“Hello sir,” said the robot sincerely. Walt stuck his two fingers up at the robot and walked into the living room.

“Would you like a beer sir?” said the robot.

“Yes, and don’t disturb me please I am busy,” said Walt flipping over to the pay per view channels. The robot walked back in with a bottle of beer. Walt felt it, it was warm.

“Oh my gosh sir, we must run a fund raiser for those poor women on the telly?”

“And why is that?” asked Walt.

“Well they appear to be too poor to afford clothing sir.”

“Where did you get this beer?” said Walt, changing the subject. “It’s warm.”

“I am terribly sorry sir.” the robot disappeared and got another one. Walt grabbed it, and tried to neck it to extinguish his thirst but was once again struck by the taste of luke warm beer.

“Where are you getting these from? You stupid robot.”

“By the fridge where you left them.” said Samuel cheerily.

“You were meant to put them in the fridge. You waste of fucking money. “

“I am sorry sir.”

“You are sorry?”

“I bet that curry tastes like crap too, you know what I am calling up your manufacturer. I have had it up to here with you.”

“But sir, what did I do wrong? I was merely following orders.” That was when Walt flipped, he grabbed one of the bottles and smashed it over the robot’s head. He then proceeded to stamp on its head repeatedly.

“Sir, just to let you know physically abusing your robot void’s its... warra....” the robot powered down. John looked at it; its exoskeleton was heavily damaged. Walt grabbed a vase off the side and smashed it into its skull.

Walt began disassembling the robot piece by piece. He was about half-way through when his wife came in. Thinking she might see the damaged parts of the robot he shoved them in a cupboard.

“Hello dear,” said Sarah walking in through the front door.

Here comes the clone thought Walt viciously. As Sarah walked into the kitchen she looked at him.

“Where is the X-T 2000?” she said cautiously.

“He blew a fuse,” said Walt. “He’s faulty so I have packaged him up sent him back to the shop.”

“What did he do wrong?” Asked his wife curiously.

“A number of things,” said Walt defensively.

“The manufacturers said we need to patient with him for the first few weeks till they release the first patch.”

“And I have been,” said Walt.

“Maybe I should take a look....” she became distracted by the hob, the dinner was boiling over.

She turned her attention to the cooker; the curry was burning on the stove.

“Walt, why weren’t you keeping an eye on this?”

His wife turned off the hob. Then went to reach under the cupboard. What if she found the battered robot. It was too late.

“What is this?” she said pulling the robot’s head out of the cupboard.

“Walt, what did you do to the robot?” she said studying his caved in skull.

“Great, you voided the warranty now, you dumb arse. What were you thinking?

“Shut up!” screamed Walt.

“Walt I am going to ring the manufacturer.”

Walt grabbed her hand to stop her.

“On second thoughts maybe I should ring the police...”

“Put down the phone Sarah,” screamed Walt. He reached over and grabbed her throwing the phone from her hand.

“Walt you are scaring me,” said Sarah with tears in her eyes.

“Shut up,” screamed Walt, he was becoming more irrational by the second. Sarah punched and she kicked to get out. Then he saw red.

The police wheeled out the body bag, several hours later. They found the robot smashed up under the sink. Sarah too was beaten to death, and Walt was nowhere to be found. The police radioed in various details about his features. “Oh yeah one more thing, he was a clone,” said the officer.


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