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Attention Smile

Updated on April 20, 2010

This is one of mine everyday stories. Maybe is truth maybe not you choose. Enjoy!


I turned around in amazement and smiled. There a flash of the photo camera towards me. The time was after five p.m. The mild nice snow falling from the sky was the only pleasant thing in this day. A little while ago I was at work among my annoying colleagues, which as though have been whispered to tease me. The day was as hard as every other day from the last year of my life and tomorrow also was marked out that I had to go to work, at Saturday. And somebody was taking pictures of me and not only that but that person asked me to smile. The camera have been taken down and it showed the most smiling man which I have ever seen. Even his eyes were smiling as if he was the model of smiling face, which is used in Internet chats. He has provoked me to laugh again. It was tempting. He again took a picture of me. Then he looked and said:

- This is a real smile. he pushed a button of the camera and it made two pictures one after another.

- Come to take a look at them.

Was that a Polaroid? I came near in automatic response.

- Look .

There was a big difference between the pictures I looked at. On the first picture I have had such a sad smile which made my face to turn red. Have I so bad look when I finish work? My sadness was streamed like a waterfall from my eyes, as if each moment I would cry. My look moved into another picture. The change in it was so big that I had trembled. Is that me or not?From where came that change? It seemed that a halo has surrounded my body. My eyes were became two big smiles. The life streamed from me. I smiled again. Is that actually I?I or not? I stared at the picture carefully. Yes, the little mole on my left cheek was smiling too from that picture. As though there has appeared something that was hidden deep inside of me.

- Which picture do you want? I will wipe out the other.

At that moment I saw that he was taken pictures of me without asking me and even we didn't know each other. Have you ever happen to talk with somebody in the bus and after that you didn't know each other? But that case wasn't the same. I felt little irritation as if he sponge on me.

His smile became smaller.

- Excuse me, you maybe feel bad. I am simple photographer and I only explore reality if you want I will delete pictures from the memory of the camera and I will never publish your pictures even though for the second it would be pity not to be published. You have incredible smile. These dimples, your smiling eyes – it is inspiring. It is interesting how you smiled so nice, what was the reason? , I smiled again. All right, it won't changed anything.

- You can delete the first, but I want to give me the second picture.

- Of course but can I save it in camera?

- You decide what to do but with your job you will find and take better picture.

- I doubt it. Have a nice day.

- Have a successful chasing. - I said and send him a kiss.

He touched old forgotten feelings in me. I felt desirable and real woman.

I felt alive and elated and the only reason was a smile. My own smile. I came back home and begin to . I took a shower. I get into my dressing gown, sit down and turned on the T.V. On the channel a girl said:

- Have I fallen asleep?

The serial was about the human cloning and slaves. I changed the channel. Then I have remembered and run to take my bag. The picture was in it ,even put in envelope. I took it out and put it on the mirror with the sticker. I ate an apple and went to bed. In the morning when I woke up and looked in the mirror ,the picture was there and I asked myself:

- Have I fallen asleep?

I smiled several times as I was preparing myself for work while my smile looked like that one on the picture. My soul was full of joy. O God, I really could inspire myself. Today my work was easier and my colleagues weren't so annoying even now they have smiling to me. After several days while I was coming back from work I felt a touch by my hand. I felt frightened and turned to. A woman was standing before me.

- Excuse me that I have frightened you but I would like to thank you.

- About what? I felt confused.

- Because of you were inspired me.

- Pardon?

- Haven't you heard about it?

I have never looked at the advertisements they were boring and irritating but that one I must have noticed. On the one of the posters in front of the museums was my picture and under it was written that the Exposition of smiles lasted until the middle of March. There also was some information about the young photographer who had the first Exposition. It was funny, as the matter of fact I have given him a permission to publish that picture, haven't I? I made for the museum. When I get there and came into the gallery everybody looked at me and made me to turn red.

-There she is, look she is here!

These and the other similar exclamations were directed to me. I wasn't a star why they were doing that?

- Can you give me an autograph? Here...

Somebody took me by the hand. I turned. He was the photographer.

- Come with me because here you may not survive.

We have hidden in a room.

- I'm sorry I would have told you but I didn't have your number.

- But what has happening?

- You are the star of my Collection.

- Really?

I felt breathless.

- I sold above 10 thousand copies of your picture only for five days and the price is raising constantly. Os course you'll get half of the profit. I'm glad that you came. Say something.

To say something?

- Something .and I laughed.

That wasn't happen ,wasn't real.

He also laughed.

The things for Collection were organized and I should have taken vocation from work to give autographs. It occurred that my colleagues knew about the Collection, but haven't told me. What has change a smile, hasn't it?

Let me give you an advice: smile often because nobody knows who you help with or who will take picture on you. You have to pay attention! The young photographer walking to the parks, so be careful!

Photo is used by Creative Commons of Amodiovalerio Verde.


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    • Fenrisiys profile image

      Fenrisiys 7 years ago from Bulgaria

      Thanks for good words thevoice!

    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      terrific hub love your smile thanks