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Rent Audiobooks Online - Hire Audiobook Rental Sites Free Trials

Updated on February 24, 2012

If you are someone who commutes to work, drives a lot as part of their job, has difficulty holding or reading a hardback, or who simply likes the convenience not having to read themselves, then audiobook rental is for you.

Audible books are available to you in a number of ways, other than just buying them of course, which can work out pretty darn expensive. You can rent audiobooks through your local library, pick up some downloadable ones through your computer and internet connection, or join an online audiobook rental club and get them sent on cassette or DVD by mail or mp3 download for a monthly subscription fee.

Audiobook rental clubs make sense compared to the other options out there because:

1. Renting is cheaper than buying. A newly released title can retail for as much as $60...which means you can pick it up for $30 - $40 as they never seem to be at retail price. A rental club charges monthly subscription fees starting as low as $15 a month with an unlimited number of titles available to you for rental. If you listen to one a week that's an average of $4 each...a big difference in price I think you will agree!

2. It's better than loaning out titles from your local library. Libraries have a limited selection, are notorious for having poorly cared for items and limit you on how long you can loan out an item before late fees and charges kick in. Audio book rental clubs have no late fees and therefore do not pester you to return it before you are finished. You simply keep it until you are finished with it and return it when you are done.

3. You can get audio novels instantly and upload them to your mp3 player. Most audiobook clubs offer the option to download audio books straight to your computer in mp3 format, allowing you to add to your mp3 player and providing instant gratification with no waiting for the mail. This is a great option for when you need something to listen to right now rather than waiting for a CD or cassette to come in the mail, or for when you want to listen on your mp3 player whilst on the go at the gym etc.

Where Can I Rent Audiobooks Online?

So, you've decided to join a club and start saving money? That's great! Now all you need to know is where to find the best audiobook rental clubs. The following list features some of the best resources for you to check out and you can even find some sites with free trial offers so you can test their services and plans before you make a decision.

Books Free - Audiobooks On CD and MP3-CD Rentals

At BooksFree you can rent audiobooks on CD / MP3-CD, or even hire paperbacks or choose a subscription plan which includes a combination of both.

Depending upon which subscription plan you choose, they have up to 20,000 titles available to hire out and have delivered to your home. You can rent titles on CD or iPod friendy MP3-CDs by monthly subscription which starts at $22.49 per month.

You can also rent paperback novels here which you might like the sound of too, especially when you can choose a combination of both as part of the same package.

This company also offers a la carte rentals with no monthly subscription plan. You only pay for the ones you choose with a rental period of up to 30 days per audiobook. If a plan which doesn't require making a subscription promise sounds good to you, then this company is a great option.

Find out more about this site by Clicking Here.

Simply Audiobooks - Download and By Mail Audiobook Rental Subscriptions

Simply Audiobooks offers you two types of subscription plans. You can choose to rent audiobooks on CD or Cassette and have them delivered by mail to your door or you can choose to download MP3 titles and get them delivered straight to your computer by digital download.

Both hiring plans are a great way to save money especially for those of us who listen to a lot of spoken word books in any given month.

The mail order plans start at just $15 a month with no late fees or due dates and free shipping in both directions. There are over 11,000 titles to rent by this method with no limit on the number you can hire in a single month either. Just listen to one, return it and get another one...much cheaper than buying them!

Downloadable audiobooks start at $13 a month with over 8000 titles to choose from and more being added all the time. All downloads are in MP3 and WMA format so you can listen to them on your computer, iPod or compatible MP3 player devices.

Join Now


Take a free two week audiobook rental trial and see how you like renting tapes, CDs and downloads from the classics to best sellers at Jiggerbug.

Starting at $14.95 JIggerbug offers audio novels sent direct to your door postage paid, no dues dates and no late fees with a catalogue of thousands to choose from.

Jiggerbug also offers free audiobook downloads which come as part of your package.

Join Jiggerbug and Get A Free 2 Week Trial


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