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Australian Women Writers Challenge 2012- Authors on Kindle

Updated on January 13, 2012

I'm participating in the Australian Women Writers Challenge 2012. I've found that reading books on my iPad during my long train commute to and from work is the best way to go (full disclosure: I am an Amazon Affiliate. I haven't made any money from Amazon yet, and I don't rely on it for income. I just hope this list is helpful to other participants in the Challenge).

With my iPad and laptop in tow, I can bring so many other things in my tight computer bag without bulky books as well. More importantly, eBooks are lighter on the budget. As a bonus, although my husband puts up with having books all over the house (on the floor, under the tables, and spilling out of bookshelves), eBooks have so far been good for our cluttered house.

I've compiled a list of Aussie Female Authors whose books are on Kindle. This has been very useful for my reading list, but I hope can also be used by anyone else participating in the Challenge, and all book lovers eager to read more books written by Australian women. I've also published this list as @CATTorresV on Twitter.

My reviews in this challenge can be read on my website

Do let me know if you'd like to add any names to the list, or if there are any inaccuracies!

List of Autralian Women Authors on Amazon Kindle

Due to the non-commercial nature of this Hub Page, I cannot link each author to her Kindle book. But fee free to copy and paste each name onto the Amazon Kindle Store to find a book you can read on your eReader. My reading list below will also direct you to the Kindle book of some authors.


Alison Goodman

Alyssa Brugman

Andrea Goldsmith (kindle book ASIN #B003U2SL0G)

Anna Jacobs

Anne Whitfield (See my review of 'Broken Hero')

Belinda Alexandra

Cecilia Dart-Thornton

Claire Corbett (see my review of 'When We Have Wings')

Colleen McCullough

Deborah Kalin

Di Morrissey

Diane Armstrong

Elaine Forrestal

Fiona McGregor

Frances Burke

Gabrielle Lord

Goldie Alexander (watch out for my review of 'UnFair Coverup: A Grevillea Murder Mystery;

Hazel Menehira

Honey Brown

Janet Woods

Joy Dettman

Julia Leigh

Kate Forsyth

Kate Grenville

Katherine Scholes

Kerry Greenwood

Kim Wilkins

Laura Bloom

Leah Kaminsky

Leslie Cannold

Liane Moriarty

Linda Jaivin

Lisa Clifford

Liz Byrski

Mandy Sayer

Monica McInerney

Myfanwy Jones

Nette Hilton

Posie Graeme-Evans

Rachael Treasure

Sally Rippin (children's fiction)

Stephanie Laurens

Tansy Rayner Roberts

Toni Jordan

My Reading List for AWW2012

When We Have Wings
When We Have Wings

A thought-provoking look at what the world would be like when we have wings. Subject of my AWW2012 Challenge review at Kindle ASIN#B0051TKUGE


On my AWW2012 Read-and-Review list



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