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Autumn Leaves Are Falling

Updated on August 4, 2017

Falling Leaves

The Autumn leaves are falling like the footfalls of a deer.

Father Winter is coming and soon he’ll be here.

Leaves flutter like feathers gently towards Mother earth.

While chipmunks and squirrels gather nuts with mirth.

The sunshine dapples light through maples and oaks.

Standing stately as they shed their Summer coats.

Some leaves fall early and some leaves fall late.

And only Mother Nature knows the exact date.

Whimsically they fall, bouncing off branches and sailing through the air.

Soaring through life without even a care.

A train whistle blows as it goes down the tracks of the town.

Red Cardinals and Red Breasted Robins gather round.

They’re busily pecking for morsels of seeds on the ground.

Of all the seasons on the East Coast, my dear, Fall is my favorite time of the year.


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