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A Memory of Love on an Autumn Night, A Short Story

Updated on June 28, 2015

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Memories of an Autumn Night of Love

I love it when you are just going through the motions at some task or chore at home, or really just about anywhere, and something, a sight, a smell, or even just a flash of color will ignite an old memory.

I remember when I was inspired to write this little memory of mine down.

It was on an Autumn evening, and I had wandered out on my porch with a glass of wine.

I sat down on an old worn wooden rocking chair and was just laid back watching one of those beautiful nights lighted by a Full Moon.

A sudden but light breeze touched my face, and, there it was.

My mind had gone back to a time in our lives, years ago. A time when my wife and I were young, and working hard at our jobs and just as hard at raising our kids.

That particular night, it was early Autumn, some friends of ours had dropped by, and after a nice evening of that casual conversation that you fall into with good friends, we were finally alone, together.

That night, when our friends left us, and the kids were with their grandparents, the two of us had one of our great and memorable nights of love-making.

There were just the two of us, and the warm Autumn night.

I hope you enjoy reading this memory of mine.

One Night in Autumn

Autumn Nights in Virgina,

such a sweet memory

of mine.

Cool nights,

clear skies,

rustling leaves,

hands in sleeves,

just to keep them warm.

Friends Visiting, just visiting.

A bottle of wine,

some crackers and cheese,

and lighted candles,

on the table.

A walk around the house,

finally, sitting on the deck,

in the cooling night breeze.

Leaning back in an old Rocking Chair

just to relax and talk

'til the after-hours!

Close friends,

moving closer to the candles,

Special people

old friends for years.

Eventually, a final toast,

a big hug,

and a fond farewell,

for a while.

Slowly, reluctantly,

we watched them pull away,

through the blowing leaves

of our driveway.

Finally, closing the door,

then a casual walk around,

checking the windows and such.

Thinking! But, No.

Not cold enough for the fire ..... yet!

But just enough chill,

for a light blanket,

at best!

Then,into Bed and,

we Snuggle close,

in that casual way only old Lovers know.

We drift along for a while,

just hugging, kissing, touching,

talking about nothing,



almost accidentally,

the heat rises in our bodies and we fall into

making love,

in the dark chill,

of the Autumn night.

There is no talking now, no I Love You's,

no exhortations of timeless fidelity.

No need!

Each knowing the others body so well.

Each touch perfectly timed

and adding to the slow climb.

Just two mates,

enjoying that timeless love

of the familiar,

so slow and so easy.

We climbed the mountain together

and reached the peak, together.


the slow, sweet tingling afterglow,

The catching your breath and

listening to your heart slow

to normal, after the race,

each still wrapped around the other.

Parts of our bodies

still under the confused blanket,

as we share our body heat and sweat!


touching, kissing lightly,,

and whispering;

I Love You's

until Sleep eventually creeps over us,

and claims

the our satiated brains!

You awaken, to an early dawns light.

Stretching, you think, What a great nights sleep!

Still entangled, all arms and legs,

under a now, warm, blanket.

You look into each others eyes

and no extra or special words need be said.


reality breaks the spell,

and the world rushes back into your head,

So you slide quietly, you think, to the edge of the bed,

But, with your first step,

you hear a sleepy; throaty,

Hey Baby! Morning!

You stop, and Smiling,

you turn and crawl back into the bed,

and under the still warm covers.

You wind your body and limbs, around, and with hers.

Another kiss,

a long hug,

and those sweet memories of the night,

flood your mind.

More memories, more hugs,

and suddenly you're both trapped and driven

by what each of you seeks.

Another climb, faster this time, to the top,

then an ecstatic peak,

followed by a slow, slow slide,

back to that real world.

A world with a job, time schedules and responsibilities.

But now your day has that something extra, a memory,

a beautiful memory of a Cool Autumn Night.

by Don Bobbitt


My Rights and Your Rights

This means that I own this product, and I reserve all right to it. If you want to enjoy it, then do so. IF you want to use it commercially, thenyou need to get my permission.
This means that I own this product, and I reserve all right to it. If you want to enjoy it, then do so. IF you want to use it commercially, thenyou need to get my permission. | Source

© 2010 Don Bobbitt


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    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 2 years ago from New York

      A beautiful night many of us can relate to though you have put it into words that make it real by just reading. You should "pull it out every couple of months" as it is one we can read and enjoy on another level.

      Voted up, beautiful, and interesting.

    • Don Bobbitt profile image

      Don Bobbitt 3 years ago from Ruskin Florida

      Crafty to the Core= Thanks for the read and kind comment.


    • CraftytotheCore profile image

      CraftytotheCore 3 years ago

      That's truly beautiful, and I know exactly what you mean. Certain smells. Reminders of times long ago. The haunt my memories and light a candle in my imagination.

    • Don Bobbitt profile image

      Don Bobbitt 4 years ago from Ruskin Florida

      SkeetyD- Thanks so much for your comment on my little memory.

      That was a special night for me and even though it is not a "commercial" Hub, I like to pull it out every couple of months and share it with my followers.

      Oh well! Again, thanks for the read and kind words.


    • SkeetyD profile image

      SkeetyD 4 years ago from Barbados

      What a steamy and spellbinding piece of wrting. That was some night Don! Thank you for sharing such an intimate memory.

    • angela p profile image

      angela p 5 years ago from Richmond, Virginia

      Lawd have mercury! Love it.. Virginia is for lovers you know. Autumn in Virginia is especially beautiful and can help create beautiful moments like this.

    • profile image

      shelby 7 years ago

      Lawd Honey Chile!!! . . . won't someone P U L E A S S E

      pass me mah fan!!!!!

      Didn't know yu had it in yuh, yu old dog!

      I LOVE IT!!!!