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Avatar - Details Into The World Of Pandora

Updated on December 20, 2009

This confidential report was created by the RDA, Resources Development Administration. Someone leaked it and now it is available for you to get your hands on. For fans of James Cameron's latest epic, Avatar there is no book out there that will captivate your attention like Avatar: A Confidential Report on the Biological and Social History of Pandora. This page turner reads like a field guide, the kind of book that only top officials would be given privy to.

This is not just any old book made in correlation to a major motion picture. This is the book all fans and Avatar enthusiasts must read to learn everything there is to know about the Pandora moon.

This book is about more then the story of Avatar. It is a interestingly complete depiction of the world of Pandora, its inhabitants, and what earth can learn from it.

From details of the exotic natural resources and environmental aspects to the information provided about the unique creatures, plants, and other life forms all with detailed descriptions.

Readers will learn about the indigenous race of the Na'vi and their distinctive culture and language.

The World Of Pandora - Avatar

If you are looking for a continuation, or more to the story of Avatar, this book may fall short for you. This is not more of the story, it is a companion to the story.

This book is for the die-hards, for those that don't just watch Avatar and want to know more about the world of this beautiful moon, Pandora, but who want to know each and everything that IS Pandora.

If you or someone you know is into the story of Avatar, this book is a must have.


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