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Avenues of Authorship

Updated on January 15, 2019
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Shronda is a self-publisher whom has published 3 books. She is self motivated and loves to encourage others.

Every Experience Deserves To Be Told!

Everyone has experienced something or has extensive knowledge about a topic that needs to be told. No matter your experience of back ground, your point of view could add light to someone’s darkness. You may not think that our store is worth being told, however, there is someone looking for a way out of the same situations you have been through! Have you ever considered telling your store? Do you know where and how to start?

Telling Your Story.

There are different ways that you can get your story heard, as long as your story touches that one person who needs to hear it! Publishing a book is one way you can tell your story and reach a variety of people. There are different that you can approach writing your book. Some people express themselves better through poetry. Poetry also opens up multiply doors of presentation of the emotions you are sharing. An autobiography is also an excellent way of capturing the essence of your life story. Autobiographies allow you to tell your story for generations to come!

Benefits Of Writing Your Book.

Writing a book not only reaches other people but also allows you to release yourself for the emotions developed from your experiences. Even if you decide to write fictions or horror, there is still a type of release that comes with writing. Writing is very therapeutic and beneficial.

Who Is You Audience?

There are some steps you must take before deciding on the avenue you want to take to write your book. The first stage would be to figure out who your audience will be. Your audience type will have an affect on the type of wording, presentation, and marketing skills you will use. Once you decide who you are marketing to, you have to think about how you plan to market your book. Everything is becoming more and more technology focused and this will play a major factor as to how you market and even sell your book.

Ways Of Publication.

You can chose to print your book or publish it digital. If you want to reach a larger population, you can consider publishing your book both ways. After you figure out the population you are writing for, you will need to explore the advantages and disadvantages of self-publication and publishing companies. While it is recommended that either avenue you choose, you have a proofreader. Printed books are available for you to buy at books stores, Walmart, Target, and other retail stores. E-books can be obtain electronically and can be read on a computer, tablet, phone, or other electronics. Some avenues of publication you pay for out of pocket and upfront. Other avenues are free upfront and a portion of the profits made from sells of your book pays the publisher.

Kindle Direct Publishing.

Kindle Direct Publishing is one way to start writing your books and publishing them. Kindle Direct Publishing offers free resources that assist with developing a cover and formatting the pages. There are some aspects of Kindle Direct Publishing that you can pay to increase marketing your book. Kindle Direct Publishing offer print and digital versions of your publications. If you chose to obtain a ISBM number from them, it is free of charge. While the ISBN number is free, there are some restrictions. If you don't want to publish within their restrictions, you can pay for one independently and use it. With one submission, Kindle Direct Publishing allows you to publish your work on multiple platforms.

Traditional Publishing

If you don’t want to take on all the work by yourself, there are publishing companies that you can reach out to and get assistance. Mill City Press, Xulon Press, Christian Publishing, Balboa Press, Dorrance Publishing, and Archway Self-Publishing are just a few of the publishing companies looking for new talent all the time. Please visit each company’s website to obtain additional information, create an account, and verify which company will work best for your publishing needs!

Ways Of Marketing.

Word of mouth and support of family and friends can go a long way when you get started. If you use social media, it can serve as a platform for marketing your book. Social media platforms also open up doors of networking and marketing. It would be more professional if you develop a separate site on each platform for your personal and book ventures.


It is important to recognize the support given to others when you share your story. There are multiple ways that you can share your story and writing a book is one way to accomplish that. If you are considering writing a book, you should do research to gain knowledge about the different avenues and requirements of each. When you have an understanding of what your goals are and you are knowledgeable about the avenues of obtaining your goals, the process is easier.

Some avenues you pay for out of pocket and upfront and some avenues are free or you pay from the profits made from selling your publication. For example, if you type in book publication various publishing companies will come up. However, there are some free avenues you can utilize to get your name know.

© 2019 Shronda Eason


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