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Avoidance Of thoughts About Love Lost.

Updated on December 29, 2009


Avoidance Of Thought About Lost Love.



A huge bowl

of ice cream
and a very small

wooden spoon.

A vacation to

a tropical isle,
basking in the
bronzed gods

and goddesses,
who may flirt

away your sorrows

in a paradise earned.

Self hypnosis

in 24 hours
available on cassete,
at any local library.

A bonfire in

the back yard
to burn all of

the senti-mental,
letters and gifts from

flames name was.

Make some smores

over the flames
and indulge in their

chocolatey goo,
expecting so much

smores in the future
then the so much less)

they left you.


Go shopping,

for some sexy clothes,
designers lines to

redesign the
lines love has added
to your saddened face.

A bottle of Smirnoff
and some orange juice,
a shot at a time,
since your life

has been shot
since the time they left.

A month or two to heal,
cooling your heels,
and immersing

yourself in a hobby
that does not require
the wounding of souls.

A talk with God
asking him to bless you
with a true angel
among men and women,
who will wing you away
to the clouds of

heavenly bliss
that you now

are grounded from.

All these

will provide
an avoidance

of thought,

Start in the

next few minutes
work your way

down the list,
and when you

are purged,
go forth and

seek new love,
with no thoughts

of avoidance

just love!




<3  <3  <3~~~MFB III


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