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Avoiding Errors In Your Content- Editing Your Articles With Ease

Updated on December 26, 2013

How errors evolve.

It is obvious that most writers have to wait for inspiration before they can put down their ideas. Some of them have to gather their thoughts on the go. When capturing your thoughts to turn into articles, you may end up with lots of errors and winding statements that could make your content unintelligible. This normally results from the fact that you are afraid of losing your ideas or not having the chance to recall them ever again. You therefore try to capture these interesting fresh ideas quickly in writing before you lose them.

You would end up having many errors in your content that could make your ideas boring to work with or edit and publish.

Writer’s focus on the Mental Image of the concept or idea more

Sometimes writers also make mistakes or lots of errors in their content because their minds as they write is much or busily focused on the image or concept of the topic in their minds that they are writing about. It is difficult to notice your mistake as you are churning out your ideas whiles focusing on the image of your mind.

What makes your ideas abstract.

  1. A content could become abstract when ideas that are supposed to be at different parts of the content are merged and forced under a particular category or subtitle. With this, I am talking about inappropriate arrangement of ideas or misplaced ideas either within the content or in another content. That is an idea finding itself in the wrong content.

Although some ideas may relate and seem fitting in one particular content, they may still sound contradictory within that particular article due to conflicting tones. Not all ideas developed under a particular topic is meant to be in the article. Some occur to you just to throw more light on the topic and to help the writer to understand his topic better. Placing these ideas in the content will only distract readers from understanding properly your discussion.

Contradictory ideas and how they come about

As mentioned above, some ideas developed under one topic may only sound contradictory in the content and confuse both the writer (in arranging his ideas) as well as the reader (in understanding the discussion) properly. These result from the fact that a particular idea or sentence even words although may not exactly fit the particular article, the writer finds the slightest excuse or relation to force them into their content because it is their favorite. This could create a whole lot of conflicting ideas in your content hence making your article unintelligible.

Inappropriate use of punctuation marks.

Mistakes in your articles could also arise when you deny your content the appropriate punctuation like full stops and commas that will break the content down and promote reading ease. Without the appropriate punctuations at the good locations in the content, you make the ideas sound abstract and difficult to understand.

You may understand the content or they may read perfectly well to you because you wrote the ideas yourself. In addition, because you are used to the ideas because you as the writer will have the opportunity to read over your ideas several times that you fail to notice the mistakes. However, be mindful of the fact that the ideas would be read by others so they should be straightforward enough.

The following will give you guidelines on how you can make your content straightforward and promote reading ease.

How to make your content less abstract and increase reading ease.

When ideas are separated appropriately, you get the chance to make your content straightforward. Introduce occasional pauses in your content with the appropriate commas to command respect and to slow reading pace. This helps to give a clear understand to the reader. Watch out for introductory sentences that needed commas. Avoid winding statements that could make your content difficult to understand.

Analyzing your content well.

When you analyze and explore your current projects or content very well, it will affect other subsequent contents. You will be able to arrange your subsequent articles with ease. Your improved analytical skills will affect them. You will be able to deduce philosophical truths with the perspective from your previous ideas.

Learn to use Vocabularies appropriately in your content.

Equip yourself with more punctuations. Learn how to use the punctuations and to put them in the appropriate places in the content to help you write and make your ideas clear. You will be able to command respect in your content and promote reading ease.

Make use of paragraphs to space out your ideas

Try to also gradually assert your ideas or guide your reader to your ultimate idea with paragraphs. Make use of paragraphs to space out your ideas. This will help to slow down the reading pace of the content in order to command respect and reading ease. Very long articles without paragraphs will make the whole content boring to read.

Let a third person read in order to notice errors

Also, avoid errors by letting a third person read your ideas after you have written them. Editing content yourself-especially manually- would be a bit difficult noticing your own mistakes since you are so used to your ideas and pattern of discussion.

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.


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