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Avoiding of the eyes ............poem

Updated on December 18, 2014

Is it because they are too soulful
or that they reflect the pain of the soul inside
why won't you look me in the
eye's what do we have to hide

You walk by me now the way you did the homeless
beggar on the street
All the while I look in desperation
as you stare at your feet

It's not worth one more day here
I'd leave if someone looked at me again
I'd take the torn flesh of soul behind my eye's
and go to where the blind contend

Someday you'll be where I am today
but please just look for me when you arrive
Maybe we'll think of the right thing to say
we'll pretend we're both alive

Instead of moving together we've found
new ways to regress
It's just that God's not ready for us yet
never will be I guess


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