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Awake Before Light

Updated on September 1, 2016

Where Was I ?

All I felt and experienced

What could only be

Such wonderful peace

I was dreaming

I was completely aware

Not one care

The dream is still fresh

I was doing all the action

There was no thinking needed

The longer I stay awake

The less I know

I want to go back

Little time for

I have to stay up

My eyes opening for the first time

As if they were glued shut before

The glue wearing off

Little by little

Now within only seconds

It is if I have traveled thousands of miles

The dream only vague and almost undesiphable

The more uneasy I become

Almost ancy

Now my cat strolls by me

As if she was always there

I am the stranger in a stranger world

The alarm clock sounds

Loud and annoying

For the second time

I feel my body

As if I had a rental car

I have it to use

No hurry to bring it back

A prominent thought left in my mind

It's only a loaner

Words I think about

Are not thoughts

They are simply words as of I was reading a teleprompt

I have never read one or did I even give it even a thought

Now other sounds of morning

Hearing my wife stir and cough in bed

Brings me closer to my own emotions and feelings

I am instantly hungry

How could this notion become so bold

All of a sudden

I see the world before my eyes

Just as I was looking at a picture

On with my day

As the rest of my thoughts have faded

As easy as a water color painting

On a summer day

What was once so clear

Has now evaporated with the morning air


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 18 months ago

      Gypsy Rose Lee It's amazing how quickly thoughts fill our head and also disappear faster than a mosquito in the house. I am glad you get to record your dreams mine disappear like fog on the windshield in the morning. It is highly visible and slowly right before my eyes it clears. Thanks so much for reading and sharing your wonderful stories.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 18 months ago from Riga, Latvia

      Nice rhythm and rhyme in your poetry here. Meaningful dreams most likely won't fade away but those that are fleeting certainly will. Several years ago I had a very interesting night. I dreamt a very graphic dream There was lots going on and when I got up to let the cat into the room I though well there goes the dream I was considering at that moment to write it all down as I tend to do with such dreams but was so sleepy I though I would remember most of it when I did finally get up. Well as soon as I fell asleep again that same dream like a second part of a movie started up. When I did get up I got it all written down in my journal. I can't tell you about it now but I know that perhaps this dream can be part of a post I can make at some point. As they say get it all in writing.